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UC Santa Barbara Tuition 2023| Cost of Attendance and More


Concerned about the cost of UC Santa Barbara Tuition? Learn about 2022-2023 tuition, related expenses, and financial aid options.UC Santa Barbara TuitionCost of Attendance

Your cost of attendance at the University of California, Santa Barbara is an estimation of the expenses you’ll face while a student there (sometimes known as your “cost budget”).

The survey is the most accurate approach to gauge UCSB student spending. Some costs have set amounts (such as student fees, non-resident tuition, and on-campus room and board).

Your award letter’s maximum amount of financial help is calculated after accounting for the cost of attendance. The cost and tuition are computed using a 9-month academic year.

UC Santa Barbara Tuition Student Budget

Expense Category Estimated Cost
Tuition and Fees (California Residents) $14,252
Tuition and Fees (Non-Residents) $44,246
Room and Board $17,986
Books and Supplies $1,194
Personal Expenses $3,168
Transportation $1,000
Total (California Residents) $34,600
Total (Non-Residents) $64,594


UC Santa Barbara Tuition Financial Aid

To help students pay for tuition and fees, UC Santa Barbara, fortunately, provides a wide range of financial aid alternatives.

Loans, work-study opportunities, scholarships, and grants are all offered by the university depending on financial need.

For students to apply for financial aid, he or they will have to submit the California Dream Act Application and the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

UC Santa Barbara Tuition Grant

Students with low to middle incomes can get Cal Grant A, which only covers tuition. It is used to pay the compulsory UC fees that are added to each student’s tuition.

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It does not include the various “student services fees” (sometimes known as “campus-based fees”) levied at every campus.

Low-income students receive the Cal Grant B grants. The sole award presented during the first year of eligibility is an Access Award. It also provides tuition assistance for the second through fourth years in addition to the Access Prize.

The Cal Grant for that quarter will be reduced to reflect the student’s enrollment level if they are enrolled less than full-time (12 units) on the census date (one day after the final day to add classes on GOLD).

For instance, a student taking 10 units that quarter will only be eligible for a 3/4-time stipend from the California Grant. You could have to charge back whatever financial aid you’ve already received to cover this.

The federal Pell Grant is available to exceptionally deserving undergraduate students without a bachelor’s degree. The Expected Family Contribution (EFC) estimated by the FAFSA determines eligibility.

The students who have the greatest financial need must receive these government funds. It is given to undergraduate students whose FAFSA applications were timely submitted and whose financial need was found to be sufficient.

UC Santa Barbara Tuition Scholarship

Scholarships play a key role in enhancing student achievement at UCSB. Students have received scholarships worth up to $4.5 million thanks to the wonderful generosity of benefactors.

The UCSB Scholarship is a financial aid award provided to undergraduate applicants from California who are deemed On-Time and have a sufficient need by the University of California.

This technique uses limited resources to give students the most equal prizes while maintaining the university’s affordability.

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UC Santa Barbara Tuition Loan

The Federal Direct Loan program is one in which UCSB takes part. The United States government gives money to students directly for Direct Loans. With a number of deferments and flexible repayment choices, these loans provide low fixed interest rates.

There is no requirement for a credit check or collateral for direct subsidized and unsubsidized loans. Direct Loans provide both subsidized and unsubsidized loans.

Interest on subsidized loans doesn’t start to accumulate until after students graduate or stop attending school.

You need to be in need of money to be eligible for a subsidized direct loan. After the initial disbursement for unsubsidized loans, interest starts to accumulate.

We advise students to pay the interest while they are still enrolled to lessen their overall loan burden once they graduate. To borrow the maximum amount each year, many students combine subsidized and unsubsidized loans.


UC Santa Barbara Tuition Work Study

You can get a payment from work-study, a need-based financial aid program, whether you work on or off campus. You can get a payment from work-study, a need-based financial aid program, whether you work on or off campus.

The Work-Study award you may earn never posts to your BARC account, in contrast to other types of financial aid (such as loans, grants, and scholarships).  Each time you receive a Work-Study incentive, a paycheck is automatically sent to you.

The two-week Work-Study payroll cycles run from Sunday until the second Saturday after that. A paycheck is given out over a week and a half later.

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You may keep the cost of your education at UC Santa Barbara low and accessible by carefully planning your spending and utilizing the university’s resources.

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