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Discover financial aid options for UC Riverside tuition, including scholarships, grants, and loans. Learn how

to make attending UC Riverside more affordable.UC Riverside TuitionCost of Attendance


Students’ financial aid is calculated using the cost of attendance, commonly referred to as a budget. These budgets are established by UC utilizing information from a variety of sources, including polls of UC students.


Based on the budget they choose on their aid application or the campus housing office notifying them that their contract has been signed, students are assigned one of the following budgets.

Basic expenses a student will incur each year are included in standard budgets and include the following:

  • UC tuition.
  • Fees for attending a campus.
  • Housing and food (includes room, groceries, and utilities).
  • Books and materials (such as books, supplies, course fees, data services, software, etc.).
  • Personal costs (such as toiletries, laundry, clothing, and entertainment).
  • Transportation (includes a budget for getting there and back, as well as a prorated budget for registering and insuring a car)
  • Student Health Insurance at UC (an allowance for health insurance).

Depending on your living situation, school supplies, whether you have children, personal spending habits, etc., your actual expenses may vary from those given below.

Student Budget

University Housing Off-Campus Living at Home
UC Tuition & Fees   $13,104 $13,104 $13,104
Campus Fees $2,813 $2,813 $2,813
UC Student Health Insurance $1,768 $1,768 $1,768
Housing and Meals $18,150 $12,550 $7,100
Books and Supplies $1,550 $1,550 $1,550
Transportation Costs $850 $1,500 $2,050
Personal Expenses $1,750 $1,800 $1,850
Total $38,809 $33,909 $29,059

Based on already approved amounts, tuition, fees, and other costs are approximations. This data might not be complete.


Reduced State funding may have an impact on the actual tuition, fees, and charges, which are subject to revision by the University of California Regents.

The final permitted levels (as well as a student’s ultimate debt owed) may therefore vary from the amounts displayed.



UC Riverside Tuition Financial Aid

At UC Riverside, you don’t have to allow the expense of tuition prevents you from accomplishing your academic objectives.

Grants and scholarships awarded based on merit or financial need are only a few of the financial aid alternatives the institution offers to assist students in covering fees.

You can also look for campus jobs, apply for government or private loans, join work-study programs, or find other methods to earn money while you learn.

Be sure to submit a financial aid application if you require it because UC Riverside wants all qualified students to thrive, regardless of their financial position.

UC Riverside Tuition Grant

There is no need to repay grants! Scholarships are comparable to them. Submit your FAFSA or Dream Act Application to be considered for UCR, Federal Pell Grants, and California Grants.

Federal Pell Grants are offered to residents and eligible non-citizens who meet other conditions for undergraduate students who need financial assistance and who will not have earned a baccalaureate degree by July 1, 2019, among other restrictions.

The range of EFCs that are eligible for federal Pell Grants is 0 to 5576, and the payouts for the academic year 2019–20 range from $6,195 to $657. Students who fill out the FAFSA are automatically considered for Pell Grant eligibility.

Each school year, the federal government funds SEOG, a need-based grant that can range from $100 to $4,000 per recipient. Recipients are expected to enroll at least half-time.

With no past baccalaureate degrees and a demonstrated financial need, SEOG is given to qualified undergraduate students. Students with the lowest anticipated family contributions are given first preference.

California offers to inhabitants who are U.S. citizens or other qualifying individuals Cal Grants, which are renewable. Based on academic standing and financial need, the CSAC chooses applicants for the following grants.

The minimum GPA, family income, and asset requirements must be met by students. Renewing financial eligibility and maintaining acceptable academic advancement are requirements for renewal awards.

UC Riverside Tuition Scholarship

For Athena Prize in 2023, a $1,000 scholarship to one of the Greater Riverside Chambers of Commerce’s higher education institutions, any undergraduate or graduate college student may apply.

Applicants must be top students, experts in their fields, have given back to their communities via voluntary work, and serve as mentors and role models for others.

You can now apply for financial aid through the 2023–24 Continuing Student Scholarship. One application and scholarship essay can be used to submit applications for several scholarships.

The application is due on September 8, 2023, at 11:59 PM. For more information on scholarships, click here.

Work Study

Part-time employment in recognized on-campus occupations or off-campus positions at charity organizations and community service organizations helps students with Work-Study jobs pay for their college expenses.

Additionally, UCR employs students who are not eligible for Work-Study in comparable campus jobs, and our Career Center also provides employment listings for off-campus options.

Financial need and funding constraints for each award year determine who is eligible for federal work-study. For students who earned Federal Work-Study funds during the prior award year, renewal allocations are available.

It is occasionally feasible to request Work-Study in place of a student loan if there is enough money available.

Click on the following link to visit the Career Center’s website to examine the procedure for using your allotment of Work-Study funds and to learn more about how to apply for it.

UC Riverside Tuition Loan

Any applicant for a federal loan, regardless of income level, has several flexible repayment options at their disposal (which other types of loans are not required to provide).

Interest rates for federal loans through UCR range from 3.73% to 5.28%. The federal government will cover the interest on your subsidized loans once you enroll at least half-time (6 units per quarter).

Your unsubsidized loans will start accruing interest while you are enrolled.

Undergraduate students may be eligible for a small number of UCR loans for up to $5,000 annually. Regardless of income, there are loan options available to all students.

Parents of dependent undergraduate students as well as graduate students and undergraduate students themselves may apply for UCR loans.

The unpaid principal debt is subject to interest at a rate of 5% per year (fixed), which accrues six months after graduation or withdrawal.

The Direct PLUS Loans for Parents are financial help that can be used to pay for educational expenses up to the cost of attendance less any other financial aid.

They are accessible to parents of dependent undergraduate students. All periods are subject to interest. The U.S. Department of Education is the lender.


AmeriCorps Education Award

After completing terms of national service in recognized AmeriCorps programs, people are eligible to receive the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award. Once their service is complete, members are eligible for the Segal AmeriCorps Education Award.

A Segal AmeriCorps Education Grant is available to UCR students through the University Eastside Community Collaboration (UECC).

To serve as year-long AmeriCorps members and mentor/tutor young people at nearby schools and community centers, UECC annually recruits 80 college students.

Visit UECC’s website at for more information, and for details on community and national service.

UC Riverside offers a variety of tools to assist make higher education more accessible and affordable since it is aware of the financial strain that tuition may entail for students.

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