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University of Hawaii at Manoa Tuition| Costs of Education


Have questions regarding the University of Hawaii at Manoa tuition costs and ways to cut costs? This manual offers practical advice on how to budget for college costs while receiving the best education available.University of Hawaii at Manoa TuitionTuition Cost

The University of Hawaii at Manoa campuses’ tuition and fee schedules are subject to modification in compliance with state law requirements, the Board of Regents decisions, or other university-related factors.

The following rates determine your tuition based on the number of credit hours you enroll in: (subject to change).

Credit Hours Hawaii Resident Cost per Credit Hour Out-of-State Cost per Credit Hour
1-6 $350 $1,084
7-11 $4,620 $12,728
12-18 $5,544 $17,088
19+ $5,544 + $350 per credit above 18 $17,088 + $1,084 per credit above 18

University of Hawaii at Manoa Tuition Financial Aid

To assist students in covering the cost of tuition and other college expenditures, the university provides financial aid.

With the Free Application for Federal Student Aid, applicants/interested students for government grants, loans, and work-study programs are evaluated and qualified.


University of Hawaii at Manoa Tuition Scholarship

Scholarships are given to exceptional UH Manoa students based on their academic excellence and exceptional promise;

  • They may also go to students in particular majors, colleges, or schools;
  • They may be Hawaiian residents;
  • They may be students in a particular class standing, or they may be students with a clear financial need.

B+ Scholarships are given to incoming freshmen and current students who successfully finish a demanding high school curriculum at a public school in Hawaii and who are citizens of the state, with preference given to those who have financial needs.

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The Manoa Academic Merit Award is an automatic $2,000–$4,000 stipend awarded to first-time degree seekers for four years of undergraduate study.

Before applying to UH Manoa, students must have a GPA of 3.8. The Manoa Academic Merit Scholarship is not available to recipients of New Warrior Scholarships. For more information, click here.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Tuition Grants

Federal, state, or educational institutions may issue grants as a form of non-repayable financial aid. Financial need is frequently a deciding factor for these grants.

Every year, qualified graduate and undergraduate students who satisfy the requirements are awarded UH Opportunity Grants based on their financial needs as assessed by the FAFSA, which is available at the Financial Aid Services office.

Federal Pell Grants are only given to undergraduate students who demonstrate a genuine financial need as determined by federal guidelines.

The amount received is based on the level of need and the federal government’s payout schedule. Required FAFSA. Twelve semesters of full-time study are required to be eligible for the Pell Grant. For further information, get in touch with Financial Aid Services.

A Federal Supplemental Educational Opportunity Award is given to undergraduate students who meet the requirements for the Federal Pell Grant and have severe financial needs.  Required FAFSA. For further information, get in touch with Financial Aid Services.

For four years, full-time teaching in high-need subjects in low-income schools is a requirement for college students majoring in education who wish to receive the TEACH Grant. It takes a 3.25 GPA.

University of Hawaii at Manoa Tuition Loans

A lengthy, low-interest federal or state loan may be a part of a financial aid package based on verified financial need. After a student graduates, leaves school or drops below a half-time load, they must start making payments on these loans.

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In addition to PLUS Loans for parents and Graduate PLUS Loans, the US Department of Education also offers Direct Loans (subsidized and unsubsidized).

Depending on the level of monetary need, the federal government may provide financial support for the interest accumulated. Required FAFSA. For further information, get in touch with Financial Aid Services.

Loan for public higher education. Genuine citizens of the state of Hawaii who can prove their financial necessity are eligible for this loan. Required FAFSA.

Emergency loans with a short term. The purpose of these institutional loans is to assist enrolled students with their short-term or immediate financial requirements.

Get in touch with the department, the Graduate Student Organization, or the Financial Aid Services office.

Extra Loans. Students should look into all other forms of financial aid, including federal loans, before applying. Consult the Financial Aid Services office, the UH Foundation, or particular departments for more details on other loan programs.


Students can partially satisfy their financial needs through part-time employment thanks to the Federal Work-Study (FWS) Program. The federal government provides the program’s funding, and UH Manoa contributes matching monies.


Nonprofit organizations are hiring both on and off campus. FWS income is not taken into account when applying for financial aid.

Students typically get the work-study program as a component of their financial aid package. The Manoa Career Center oversees work-study programs.

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Jobs are available in a variety of industries and demand abilities ranging from fundamental to highly technical.

The America Reads and Math Counts Challenge offers tutoring opportunities among other opportunities for community engagement. Check out this Catalog’s “Student Life” section for further details.

The University of Hawaii at Manoa tuition and fees vary depending on residency status, credit hours, and additional expenses. Financial aid and scholarships can help reduce the cost of attendance.

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