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DePaul Tuition 2023| Cost of Attending the University


Worried about how to pay for college? Examine the Cost of DePaul Tuition and available financial aid before calculating the net price based on your income level to see if you can afford to enroll.DePaul Tuition

Tuition and Cost

Direct costs (items charged by DePaul) includes tuition, fees, and estimated on-campus room and board while Indirect costs (items not paid to DePaul) includes cost of books and supplies, off-campus housing, transportation, and personal expenses.

Depending on your academic program, course load, housing arrangements, and personal circumstances, your actual expenditures may differ from the average cost of attendance listed here.

DePaul Tuition Student Budget

Fee Type Cost
New Student Orientation (Freshman) $225
Transfer Student Orientation $75
Student Activity (Per Term for Full-Time Undergraduates)  per Term $25
Monarch Butterfly (Per Term for Full-Time Undergraduates)  per Term $2
Athletic Fee per Term $25
CTA U-Pass * Cost per Term
Summer $86
Fall, Winter, Spring $105
Health Plan ** (Optional Health Plan for students living on campus) Cost per Term
Per Term $60

DePaul Tuition Financial Aid

The Office of Financial Aid determines your expected educational expenditures using a “standard cost of attendance budget.”

Based on expected enrolment, dependence status, and housing arrangements, these expenditures represent typical expenses for students during the nine-month academic year (on campus, off campus or with parents).

Financial aid is available from a variety of sources, including the local, state, and federal governments, nonprofit groups, your company, and DePaul.

In terms of financial aid, there are two primary categories which are gift aid and self-help.

Financial assistance that you are not required to repay is known as gift aid. They frequently give it out based on academic achievement or financial necessity. It includes scholarship, grants, military and veteran benefits, assistantship and study abroad.

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Financial aid that must be repaid or earned through an on-campus work is referred to as self-help. It includes Federal loans, private loans and work-study.


DePaul Tuition Loan

You and perhaps your parent will be eligible for the Federal Direct Loan Program if you submit an FAFSA and meet all federal eligibility standards. Federal Direct Loans come in three different varieties:

Undergraduate students can borrow money using a federal direct subsidized loan. Your financial need as reported on your FAFSA determines your eligibility.

Depending on your academic standing and dependent status, different loan maximums apply. While they enrolled you at least half-time, the government covers the interest.

Undergraduate, graduate, and law students may apply for a federal direct unsubsidized loan. The FAFSA does not determine eligibility based on financial need.

Depending on your academic standing and dependent status, different loan maximums apply. The Direct Unsubsidized Loan’s interest accumulates as of the disbursement date.

For parents of dependent undergraduate students (Parent PLUS) or graduate/law students, the Federal Direct PLUS Loan is a credit-based loan (Grad PLUS).

DePaul Tuition Work Study

The Federal Work-Study Program is a part-time, need-based employment program that is financed by the federal government.

Your pay is distributed jointly by DePaul and federal sources. Your financial need will determine how much federal work-study assistance you are eligible for.

Wages from the work-study program are paid directly to you for the hours worked; It does not apply them to your tuition account.

The responsibilities of your job and the pay scales at your university will determine your hourly rate, which will never be less than the statutory minimum wage. You’ll receive a paycheck every other Friday.

DePaul Tuition Scholarship

DePaul are as affordable as Illinois’ top public university thanks to their new State Scholar Plus scholarship.

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Even better, rather than basing scholarships on a single test or experience, they offer them based on a pattern of success. They think that perseverance pays off here.

The cost of a private education in a challenging atmosphere shouldn’t be as high as it seems. DePaul created the State Scholar Plus scholarship for incoming fall students in response to this.

We offer merit award packages up to $100,000 (over four years), making us just as inexpensive as Illinois’ top public university.

Here is how to be eligible: Apply by November 15th, the Early Action Program deadline, and be in the top 10% of your graduating class. You must also have a 3.75 GPA or better at the time of acceptance (on a 4.0 scale).

A guidance counselor or school counselor can submit a supporting letter confirming your class ranking if they do not list it on your official high school transcript.

For international students, if class ranking is not available, a SAT score of 1300 or an ACT score of 28 (or higher) is necessary.

DePaul awards more than $5 million in scholarships annually and more than $37 million in need-based financial aid to enrolled transfer students.

You can be considered for more grant money by sending DePaul an updated FAFSA. New transfer students have just gotten award packages for financial help worth up to $30,000 annually.

If you’re looking to enroll in classes during the Fall, Winter, or Spring quarters, they will automatically consider you for academic scholarships worth up to $16,000 annually after your application is complete.

Depending on your academic standing at the time of enrollment, you can receive a DePaul Transfer Scholarship or a DePaul Admission Partnership Program (DAPP) Scholarship.

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DePaul Tuition Grant

Grants are non-repayable gift aid with lifetime limits that are given based on financial need as established by the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA).

The federal government gives undergraduate students who qualify and have financial need the Pell Grant. When you submit the FAFSA, you are instantly eligible for it. The highest prize is subject to change.

They give those qualifying undergraduate students who can prove they have financial need the DePaul grant. When you submit the FAFSA, you are instantly eligible for it.

Awards are determined by the submission date and the funding status. Depending on need, they can award different amounts.

They chose undergraduate students who qualify for the SEOG grant based on their financial need. The highest prize is subject to change.

Is DePaul Worth the Money?

In terms of value, they rank DePaul University 1,560th out of 2,223 institutions.

What GPA is Required for DePaul?

The minimum GPA required is 2.00.

Does DePaul Give Full Ride Scholarships?

Full-tuition scholarships are not something they give out. They firmly advise you to complete your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) as soon as possible in order to aid with the cost of your education.


Is DePaul Hard to Get Into?

The acceptance rate for DePaul University is 69%, making it a highly selective institution. An ACT score of 24 to 30 or a SAT score between 1080 and 1300 are required for admission to DePaul University for half of the candidates.

We believe that we’ve been able to help you with the DePaul Tuition which was the sole aim for this article. Please continue visiting our page for more articles.

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