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Harvard Tuition: Cost of Studying at Harvard University


When selecting a graduate program, one of the most important factors to consider is cost. Learn more about Harvard tuition, besides our tuition and fees.

Tuition and Costs

The tuition at Harvard University is $57,261. Harvard University is more expensive than the national average tuition of $41,568.


These figures include tuition and fees, also known as the sticker price. Fees vary by institution and may cover library services, student gyms, student centers, technology resources, and campus health centers.


When comparing the costs of various institutions, consider both the total cost and the net price. The total cost includes the sticker price, room, and board, books, and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

The total cost at Harvard University is $78,028. The net price is the average cost of the university after financial aid and they deducted scholarships from the total cost, which is $15,415 for the average student receiving need-based aid.

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Harvard Tuition & Expenses

Tuition and fees for 2023/2024 session is $57,261


Harvard Tuition Financial Aid Statistics

Financial aid is money given to students to help them pay for college. They usually give it based on need or merit.

Need-based aid is based on your or your family’s showed ability to pay for college, as determined by the FAFSA, or Free Application for Federal Student Aid. The average need-based scholarship or grant awarded to Harvard University first-year students was $65,635. In addition, in fall 2023, 55% of first-year students received need-based financial aid.

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Federal loans and work-study are examples of need-based self-help aid. First-year students received an average of $3,148 in need-based self-help aid.


Merit-based aid, also known as non-need-based aid, is given in recognition of a specific talent or academic achievement. The average non-need-based scholarship or grant awarded to Harvard University first-year students – excluding any athletic scholarships, if applicable – was $5,430.

Harvard University provided 100% of its students with financial aid.

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Harvard Tuition Student Loan Debt

How much student loan debt you accumulate can have a long-term financial impact on your life after college. Ideally, your total student loan debt should be less than your expected starting salary after graduation.

The median federal loan debt among Harvard University borrowers who completed their undergraduate degree is $12,665. The median monthly federal loan payment for student federal loan borrowers who graduated is $127 (if repaid over 10 years at 5.05% interest).

2% of Harvard University’s graduating students took out private loans. At graduation, students with private loans had an average debt of $53,510.

Harvard University Scholarships

Scholarships are a type of funding that does not require repayment. Need-based scholarships consider a student’s financial situation. Merit-based scholarships are given to students who have excelled in academics or sports.

You may also be eligible for a scholarship based on your community service, unusual hobbies or characteristics, personal background, or a parent’s employer or military affiliation.

Some students receive scholarship funds sufficient to cover their tuition and living expenses.

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Work to Lessen Havard Tuition

Working while in school can help you pay off your student loans faster. Schools provide work-study programs and campus jobs to students who want to earn money in their spare time. Some institutions assign work-study positions to students, while others require them to apply for the positions as they would for any other job.

Start your job search by seeing if your college has any in-person or online job boards. Speak with professors, classmates, or career counselors for help in finding a job that is related to your major and interests.

How Much Does 1 Year of Harvard Cost?

The standard tuition for the 2023-2023 academic year is $51,143 without financial aid, an increase from $49,653 the previous year. 1 The total cost of the room, board, and other fees is $74,528.

Is it Worth Paying for Harvard?

Harvard University is ranked #2,152 out of 2,223 in terms of overall value. We believe they overprice Harvard University for the quality education it provides, based on our analysis of other colleges at comparable price points.

What GPA do I Need to Get into Harvard?

You should also have a GPA of 4.18 or higher. If your GPA is lower, you must make up the difference with a higher SAT/ACT score. You’ll also need to impress them with the rest of your application for a school like Harvard.


What are the Odds of Getting into Harvard?

Harvard has a 4.7% acceptance rate. Only 5 out of every 100 applicants are accepted.

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This shows that the school is extremely selective. Meeting their GPA and SAT/ACT requirements is critical to getting past their first round of filters and showing your academic preparation.

Why is Harvard so Famous?

According to the Carnegie Classification, Harvard is a founding member of the Association of American Universities and a preeminent research university with “very high” research activity (R1) and comprehensive doctoral programs in the arts, sciences, engineering, and medicine.

Does Harvard Give Full Ride Scholarships?

They designed our scholarships to cover 100% of your shower financial need because they committed Harvard to affordability.

We believe this article has done justice to the Harvard Tuition. Please keep visiting our page for more articles like this.

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