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Montclair State University Tuition 2023| Cost of Attendance


Compared to national norms, how reasonable are Montclair State University Tuition and fees? Read more about it here. This article has all the details you need if you’re looking for specific information regarding Columbia University costs and tuition.Montclair State University Tuition Tuition and Fees

Parents and students must know that there are other expenses associated with attending a university besides tuition and fees.

When making plans, it’s important to include indirect costs like books, transport, and other expenses.

You might require a new laptop, software, etc., which would be covered by miscellaneous expenses. Travel for your return home for breaks and vacations is included if you are not a commuter student.

You can transfer some of your aid to your Red Hawk Dollars if you have enough aid to cover your direct costs and you wish to use the extra money to buy books from the University Bookstore.

Residents who are getting ready to live on campus should know the added expense. This commitment lasts the entire year. Fees for necessary or optional meal plans may apply.

Students that commute will see that there is a meal charge stated in their cost of attendance.

For the time they spend on campus, some commuter students choose to purchase a food package. If you intend to park on campus, you might also wish to budget for a parking pass.

Off-campus residents should know we give an estimated meal amount because they still need to pay for food even if they do not purchase a meal plan.

Montclair State University Tuition Student Budget

Residence Tuition Student Government
Association Fee
Mandatory Fees Total
In-State $6,377.40 $48.90 $454.50 $6,880.80
Out-of-State  $10,732.35 $48.90 $454.50 $11,235.75
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Montclair State University Tuition Financial Aid

Scholarships, grants, loans, and work-study programs are all forms of financial help that come from institutional, state, and federal funding sources.

To make a college education affordable, students should apply for financial aid to lower their out-of-pocket expenses.


Montclair State University Tuition Scholarship

They frequently awarded scholarship funds based on a particular talent, major, or application. Scholarships are not subject to repayment. The criteria for eligibility and reward amounts differ.

You may learn everything you need to know about the various scholarship programs offered, including university scholarships, school and college scholarships, and scholarships from external, private organizations, right here.

High-achieving first-year applicants can apply for merit-based Presidential Scholarships at Montclair State. Presidential Scholarships are extremely difficult and given out based on your high school academic performance.

Along with your letter of admission, you will receive word that you are the recipient of a scholarship. There is no need for a separate application. Students who meet the requirements and submit a FAFSA are eligible for need-based grants and loans.

Montclair State University Tuition Grant

A federal grant based on family finances, the cost of tuition, and enrollment status for qualified undergraduate students.

The US Department of Education determines the size of grants. The number of credits they enrolled you in will affect the actual grant amount you get.

They will reduce your Pell award to the permitted amount under the US Department of Education’s schedule if they register you for fewer than 12 credits.

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They limit the total amount of federal Pell grants students may receive over their lifetime. You can exceed your Pell grant if you stop attending classes or fail a class.

A grant from the federal government known as the Federal Supplementary Educational Opportunity Grant (SEOG) is given to Montclair State to help undergraduate students who have a very high need for financial aid. The recipient must be qualified to receive a Pell grant.

Montclair State University Tuition Loan

The Stafford Loan is a part of the Federal Student Aid Program and is received by completing the FAFSA.

Before thinking about a Parent PLUS loan, the Financial Aid Office highly advises students to borrow via the federal Stafford loan program first.

The parent of a dependent student, as determined by the FAFSA application, is eligible for the Parent PLUS Loan.

The Federal Student Aid Program accepts applications for this loan from graduate students pursuing master’s degrees and higher. This loan has the same terms and circumstances as the Parent PLUS loan.

Montclair State University Tuition Work Study

Students have the chance to make money while working on campus through student employment. They offer jobs on a first-come, first-served basis.

For students who qualify based on the FAFSA, the federal government sponsors the Federal Work Study (FWS) program.

Student Assistant (SA): this is a position offered by the university. Participation is not contingent on financial need.

Employers both on and off campus advertise jobs, internships, and other opportunities on Handshake! You can benefit from the extensive network of business contacts at Montclair State University by using your Handshake account.

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What GPA Do You Need for Montclair State?

Our strongest candidates for admission have a cumulative high school GPA of 3.2 or above on a 4.0 scale, a demanding course load (especially in the junior and senior years), and a diverse list of extracurricular activities.


What Is Montclair Known For?

Montclair is renowned for its historic architecture. Six historic districts, 92 individual sites, and two locally designated commercial areas are located there. They are all listed on the state and national Registers of Historic Places.

Is Montclair a Religious School?

No, Montclair State University is a school that is not affiliated with any religion.

Montclair State University is dedicated to making sure that they make your education in their institution a smooth one regardless of your financial situation. Kindly share and visit this page for more articles.

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