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Clemson University Tuition 2023: Cost of Attendance


Are Clemson University Tuition and fees affordable when compared to national averages? Find out more here. If you’re seeking particular information about Clemson University prices and tuition fees, look no further, this article is for you.Clemson University Tuition Tuition and Fees

In-state tuition at Clemson University is $15,558; out-of-state tuition is $39,502. Compared to the $11,286 national average for in-state tuition, Clemson University is more expensive.

The cost of tuition for out-of-state students is higher than the $27,394 national average for out-of-state students.

These figures reflect the sticker price for tuition and other costs. The cost of using the campus health clinics, student centers, gyms for students, and libraries varies by college.

Consider both the net price and the overall cost when comparing the costs of other institutions. The total price comprises the sticker price, room and board, supplies, books, and transportation, as well as personal expenses.

For in-state students attending Clemson University, the total cost is $34,096; for out-of-state students, it is $57,088.

The average cost of attending the university, net price, which is determined after financial aid and taking scholarships into account, is $46,878 for out-of-state students and $23,185 for in-state students who qualify for need-based aid.

Clemson University Tuition Student Budget

Expenses South Carolina Resident Non-South Carolina Resident
Tuition and Fees $15,558 $38,550
Room and Board $11,850 $11,850
Book and Supplies $1,188 $1,188
Total $28,596 $51,588

Clemson University Tuition Financial Aid

The future of you and/or your child is best served by attending Clemson University.

For dealing with students who have serious financial difficulties while attending Clemson, the financial aid team will help you comprehend the many financial help options that are available.

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Our students receive financial help in the amount of 87%, which includes university, federal, and state grants.

You may learn more about their merit scholarships, need-based grants, loans, and work-study possibilities by reading on. They are committed to offering the greatest help to our children.


Clemson University Tuition Loan

Between the cost of tuition and the amount of financial aid earned through scholarships and grants, student loans can help bridge the difference. They advised students to only borrow the amount they need because they must repay this money.

If the approved loan amount exceeds what is required, students can reduce the loan amount by following the instructions in the iROAR portal’s “Accept Aid Offer” tab.

Clemson University Tuition Scholarship

The Office of Admissions assesses each applicant for scholarship eligibility. No additional scholarship application is required. They give scholarships out under high school grades, test scores (optional for the 2023–2023 application cycle), and financial needs.

For the application cycle 2023–2023, students who do not submit their exam results will still be eligible for merit awards.

Prospective first-year students must submit their admissions application and accompanying documentation by January 2 to be qualified for a scholarship.

Students get merit scholarship packages in the spring. To find out more information, go to Student Financial Aid.

Scholarship Eligibility

For students to be eligible for federal and state need-based aid, the FAFSA must be submitted by January 2 at fafsa.gov. Prior to the school year for which they are seeking aid, students should start the application process for financial aid.

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Clemson University Tuition Work Study

Undergraduate and graduate students who have shown their financial need by submitting a FAFSA can find employment through the federal work-study program.

For first-year students to get priority consideration, the FAFSA must be received by the federal processor by January 2 and by April 1 for upperclassmen and graduate students, respectively. Students who want to remain FWS employees must apply again every year.

For students to be eligible for financial aid through Federal Work-Study, they must be enrolled full-time and make sufficient academic progress.

Make sure the courses you enroll in meet US Department of Education requirements to be eligible for all of your FWS aid by consulting the information in the Course Program of Study (CPoS).

Through Clemson JobLink, which connects students with firms who are specifically looking for Clemson students, they can find work opportunities both on and off campus.

Clemson University Tuition Grant

Grants are not required to be repaid, but they are subject to U.S. income tax if the amount is greater than the cost of tuition, fees, books, and supplies. Grant money used for lodging and food is taxable income.

The main federal gift aid program for undergraduate students is the Federal Pell Grant.

A student must fill out the Free Application for Federal Student Aid to be considered for this grant (FAFSA). Students should apply for the Pell Grant by April 1 to give themselves plenty of processing time before Fall registration even if there is no priority deadline.

The school receives an Institutional Student Information Report (ISIR) based on the data provided in roughly two weeks. The student also receives a Student Aid Report (SAR) at the same time.

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An estimated family contribution (EFC), which establishes the applicant’s eligibility, is provided in this report.

They give South Carolina citizens who can prove their financial need grants through the state’s NEED-BASED GRANT program. They may spend only eight semesters receiving the South Carolina Need-Based Grant.

According to Title IV requirements, the maximum amount of South Carolina Need-Based Grants at Clemson is $3,000 per year.

Students at Clemson who are eligible for the South Carolina Need-Based Grant must Complete the FAFSA.

Priority consideration will be given to forms that are received by the federal processor by January 2 for incoming first-year students and April 1 for continuing students.

Is Clemson University Expensive?

The cost of attending Clemson University is $15,558 for in-state students and $39,502 for out-of-state ones. Clemson University is more expensive than the $11,286 national average for in-state tuition.


Is It Hard to Get into Clemson?

At Clemson, acceptance rates are 47%. 47 out of every 100 applications are accepted. This shows the school’s medium level of selection. The school is more lenient than other colleges, but they still expect you to satisfy their GPA and SAT/ACT criteria.

What GPA Do You Need to Get into the University of Clemson?

You need an unweighted GPA higher than 3.3 to get into the University.

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