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Via Christi Patient Portal

The Via Christi patient portal gives patients personalized, sympathetic care and online access to their medical records. In this article, we show you how to log in to the portal easily.

Via Christi Patient Portal



Via Christi Patient Portal

The Via Christi patient portal is a secure website that allows patients to schedule appointments, pay bills, and interact with their doctors.


To log in to the correct Via Christi patient portal, go to the official website by clicking this link and select the region where your provider is located.

There are many centers to choose from including Manhattan, Pittsburg, Wamego, and Wichita Area.

All you have to do is click on the healthcare provider that applies to you.

After you have found the right portal, follow the steps below to log in.


‣ First, enter your username or email address in the space provided

‣ Next, enter your password

‣ After that, click Sign In and you can access your portal account

If you’ve forgotten your password, click on the ‘Forgot Password’ option on the screen to recover it. Via Christi Patient Portal

What is the EHR Patient Portal?

Patient portals for Electronic Health Records (EHRs) give patients access to information about their health, including the results of diagnostic tests.

The use of portals by patients in Emergency Departments (ED) is not well understood.

The EHR hosting is one where all EHR software is kept on the own servers of a third party, independent of medical practice. This organization handles data security and backup.

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A hosted EHR can be slightly slower while having a lower initial cost because of the practice’s distance from the computers holding the data. Via Christi Patient Portal


Is Online Healthcare Legitimate?

Online healthcare is legitimate, yes. Online and offline drug orders can be made in a variety of ways.

It is a type of telemedicine, which has been used since the dawn of time and has only expanded with the advancement of technology.

Many health insurance providers include online health and telemedicine services in their health plans.

Concerns about reimbursement have slowed the development of internet health care.

However, it is expected that the demand for this specific service will increase, which implies insurance companies will “come on board.”

Who Owns Healthcare Data?

The patient owns the information, but the medical staff especially the doctors, own the records, according to the common understanding over time.

State law further complicates matters that govern the ownership of patient data and records.

In some areas, patients may be considered to own all of their data, including their medical records, whereas, in other places, patients may be considered to own their data but not their medical records.

Via Christi Patient Portal

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Via Christi Patient Portal

Is it Legal for a Doctor to Give Medical Results Over the Phone?

Yes, as long as they communicate directly with the patient or a third party to whom the patient has provided written consent to share health information.

The HIPAA Privacy Rule covers that health care professionals may disclose protected health information for treatment reasons without obtaining the patient’s consent as long as they take reasonable precautions.

These therapy communications may take place verbally or in writing, over the phone, via fax, via email, or in another way.

There is no legal justification for a doctor not to call and explain your test results to you over the phone. It appears that they want to speak with you about a workplace policy.

The doctor can call the patient with the “good news” of a normal or negative test result, and the patient has the option of canceling the follow-up visit.

Although breaking bad news in person is preferred, there may be occasions when breaking bad news over the phone is inevitable. Via Christi Patient Portal


Will a Doctor Call You Out if You Lie to them?

The WSJ reports that a lot of doctors watch for telltale signals of lying, like avoidance of eye contact, frequent pauses in the conversation, odd vocal inflections, and other anxiety-related symptoms.

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So, there is a likelihood that the doctor will call you out to prevent a wrong diagnosis which if fatal, may lead to an even bigger problem.

When you lie, you run the risk of receiving an incorrect prescription, dosage, or diagnosis.

If a patient lies about abusing drugs or alcohol, the patient may receive the incorrect diagnosis or have their symptoms treated incorrectly. Via Christi Patient Portal

Why Do Doctors’ Offices Double-Book Appointments?

Double booking is not the same as overbooking. Shortening the intervals between visits or increasing the number of visits at specific times of the day are two examples of overbooking.

Contrarily, double booking involves scheduling the same appointment time for two patients.

When a patient calls with an acute illness or injury or when one patient can be scheduled around another who is undergoing a procedure, double booking can be used effectively.

This, however, shouldn’t happen frequently. Via Christi Patient Portal

Does the World Need More Doctors?

Yes, the world does need more doctors. In reality, in certain places, the number of doctors and other medical professionals who can treat patients has dropped as populations have grown.

If you are having trouble logging into the Via Christi patient portal, the guidelines in this article will help you access the portal.

Kindly share this article with friends and family who need help accessing the patient portal, we’re sure they’ll appreciate the help.


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