Why Human Life Span Is Short

What we eat

What we drink

What we smoke

What we do

What we skip

What we see

What we fuck

What we cuddle

What we watch/listening

What we pray.




What we eat

You can’t compare the rate of eating Maggie/chemicals of this days with that of forefathers day’s.

Some people are so greed to the extent that they can’t eat food that is not sweet or having much flavors in the food.



What we drink

If you see someone pikin in where he/she is drinking alcohol like this; you will wonder how the person take grow up. Some can’t even drink herbal concoction.

That’s what leads to most of the ladies shouting menstrual pain whenever they are menstruating.

You drink yoghurt, you ate shawarma, ate chocolate etc…

Without drinking something that will flush out the pile (in Yoruba: jedijedi) part of it.

If a guy mix ordinary coca cola for you, you will sleep 24hrs without knowing what is around you.

I remembered the day I collected Fanta from my class rep just to drink a sip, I no get myself through out the lecture of the day, on getting home I eat food like say naa my last supper I dey chop.

Now store in your stomach shorting your lifespan.

Excess drinking affect some guys to the extent of having: low sperm count, diabetes etc.

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That’s why some Doctors concluded that if you want to last long in bed, quit drinking and smoking then start exercising.


What we smoke

Someone smoking shisha, cigarettes, Indian hemp, loud, ganja, not to talk of cocaine and so on.

Them smoking all that, them think they are choping life without them knowing life is choping them. Getting their kidney burnt little by little like a roasted corn.



What we do

You can’t compare someone working in a bank with that of someone digging holes or farming, sometimes the sweat that comes out of our body is a waste.

Let me give an illustration: Someone working in a bank; eat bread and tea as breakfast, living in an AC house, drive an AC car to work, working in an AC office, eat jollof rice full of maggie as lunch.

Someone working in farm; eat eba/akpu before going out, living in an unplaster house, trenk to farm, eat fresh fruit or roasted yam as lunch and trenk back up in the evening…..

You can see clearly here that the rate at which Mr Farmer is going to sweat is different from that of Mr Banker.




What we skip

Imagine you working from Monday to Saturday, without working out on Sunday, go to gym not even talk of jugging around in the community.

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Some bodies don’t need drug but exessice to get strong.

That’s why they do tell pregnant woman in the hospital to be working up and down so that she can have strength before labour.




What we see

People wearing glasses now during this days, is not excessive reading but the rate we damage our eyesight by ourselves.

If you see someone brightness of phone at night, you will be like “ha ha” you’re killing your self small small ooo.. That’s why it is preferable to be turning on our light late at night whenever we want to press system or phone.



What we fuck

Mr Casanova and someone whose body belong, responsible and accountable to one and only single body alone.

Who you’re fucking with, you don’t know the kind of sickness or spirituality the body is, if not for when it is time for marriage, it is rare for someone to tell you the kind of sickness he/she is battling with. And see you that you like “one night stand or opportunity comes but once”, you go soon land yourself in the coffee….





What we cuddle

Covid 19 as a case study, just ordinary coughing or sneezing, you don transfer disease.

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Now see someone that like cuddling or foreplay, cuddling different girls around the corner without him knowing the kind of disease the girl is battling with but his knowledge is that “I’m enjoying my life”. However deep down, he is digging his grave.



What we watch/listening

Someone watching pornography and that of watching religion program.

Pornography leads to masturbation and masturbation leads to not lasting long in bed, meanwhile you can’t know at that moment, ask from your doctor that someone send this to you and proof me wrong. You watching porn, you’re damaging your sex life “BEWARE”.

Someone listening to music with ear pod, ear piece, headphone etc, using it is not a crime, but the rate of how the volume is, that is where the risk of using it is.

Some are spoiling their ear drum by themselves.



What we pray

Generally we only pray for money.

God please bless me with money, with us forgetting that we suppose to pray for long life and good health to spend the money. Like Yorubas use to say: ape mo ra eni, ni anpe TEMIDIRE (meaning; calling to yourself is what we call ‘i am bless).




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