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Wilmington Health Patient Portal

The Wilmington Health Patient Portal provides a secure, practical means for you to interact with and participate in your healthcare. Here, we show you how to access the portal.

Wilmington Health Patient Portal

Wilmington Health Patient Portal

The Wilmington Health Patient Portal provides a secure means for you to stay in touch with your health and track progress.

Your appointments, reminders, prescriptions, lab results, online bill payment, and appointment requests are all accessible through the site.

The patient portal is accessible to all current patients who have a working email account.

If you don’t have an account, you can follow this link to register for one. Wilmington health will authenticate the account in 2 business days.

However, if you already have an account, follow these steps to log in to the patient portal

‣ First, visit the official portal website here

‣ Next, click on the button that says ‘Log-in now!’

‣ You will be redirected to the main login page

‣ Enter your valid email address/username and password

Now, you have access to your portal account.


What is the Nightingale Syndrome?

The Florence Nightingale effect is a stereotype in which a caregiver develops feelings for their patient even when there is no interaction beyond providing basic care.

Once the patient is no longer in need of care, emotions could start to subside.

Florence Nightingale, a pioneer in nursing during the second half of the 19th century, is honored by having her name attached to the effect.

She earned the nickname “The Lady with the Lamp” for her devotion to patient care and her practice of making rounds at night, which was previously uncommon.

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Her treatment will permanently alter how patients were cared for in hospitals. Most people view Nightingale as the father of contemporary nursing.

There is no evidence that she has ever fallen in love with a patient. In actuality, despite numerous suitors, she never wed out of concern that it may conflict with her calling as a nurse.

In a 1982 interview, Albert Finney referred to the phenomenon as the “Florence Nightingale syndrome.”

A term that had previously been used to describe the tendency of health professionals to pursue non-cash rewards in their jobs.

What is Broken Bird Syndrome?

Broken bird syndrome affects males who fall for women who have more serious mental problems or who have experienced physical or emotional abuse.

These kinds of “damaged” women will attract broken bird males who want to mend them. Despite their best efforts, they don’t really want to assist them.

While hiding behind these damaged birds, these men will make claims that they are providing love and help. They avoid having to emotionally move or solve their own issues by doing this.

If he is with a woman who has more serious problems, a man with broken bird syndrome feels better about himself.

Men with broken bird syndrome enjoy the intrigue and mystery of a lady who frequently vanishes, exhibits emotional outbursts, and simultaneously needs them.

A toxic relationship of this nature will end badly. Anyone who doesn’t love themselves is unlovable, and you can’t have a fulfilling and effective relationship with them.

But since he struggles with intimacy and is emotionally unavailable, it is the ideal situation for this man.

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Despite the potential concern, it may bring, a man with broken bird syndrome appreciates the intensity that this behavior often interrupts and creates.

Wilmington Health Patient Portal

Can Registered Nurses Work in Dermatology?

In addition to private practice offices, hospitals, infusion centers, clinics, plastic surgeons’ offices, and burn centers, dermatology nurses can also operate in a variety of other settings.

Day spas and offices for cosmetic dermatology, which are growing in popularity, are other places where dermatology nurses can find employment.

In addition to an active RN license, a dermatological nurse post calls for an ADN or BSN degree.

In general, dermatology nurses do not need a graduate degree, but those who want to become dermatology nurse practitioners must get a Master of Science in Nursing.

How Can Digital Marketing Help Doctors and Clinics?

Digital marketing gives patients easier access. In fact, digital marketing for hospitals aids in improving patient convenience and accessibility.

Say that having a website and a social media presence makes it easy for patients to contact healthcare providers and prevents them from needlessly searching for services.


What are the Top Trends in Cloud-Based EHR Software?

The following are the top trends in cloud-based EHR software.

1. Mobile and Remote Access

Access is a crucial aspect of how EHR providers are changing. 

The fact that cloud computing offers the infrastructure necessary for that distant access is a key factor in its popularity.

A doctor can use any computer at home or in private practice with an EHR account.

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EHR services are also moving toward being device-agnostic, so doctors no longer have to worry about whether the software developer has an app for their specific smartphone.

2. Patient Portals

One of the most exciting developments in healthcare software is the requirement for patient access, which signals a shift in the sector’s attitude.

Hospitals have frequently limited patient access to medical records in the past.

Patients have a legal right to this information, and they can obtain lab results, read medical notes, get patient education, and do other things through internet portals.

3. Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is arguably the most widespread innovation in EMR software. The change in how we use computers brought about by software as a service has also impacted the healthcare sector.

A modest urgent care center could have needed at least $40,000 in order to acquire the essential software and equipment before cloud-based solutions.

These days, that facility can use internet service in its place.

4. Telehealth

Medical professionals can now treat patients who would not otherwise have access to care thanks to telehealth, commonly referred to as telemedicine.

Without an EHR solution linked to a centralized EMR system, not even the most basic type of telemedicine would be feasible.

A medical professional who is likely meeting this patient for the first time now has access to all the information needed to treat them because of EMR software.

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