Top Self-Employed Insurance Providers

It’s one thing to buy insurance coverage and another to purchase insurance coverage for a self-employed worker. Indeed, a self-employed person usually needs other services that regular providers may be unable to render. Hence, if you want to purchase insurance as a self-employed person, it’s best to patronize the top self-employed insurance providers.

Top Self-Employed Insurance Providers

In this post, you’ll learn about the top self-employed insurance providers and how they offer their services. These companies are sure to render professional services to suit all your needs. Therefore, keep reading to the end so you won’t skip any of these wonderful choices.

Top Self-employed Insurance Providers

Below are the top self-employed insurance providers for you to apply to today:


Cigna offers several options for self-employed persons. You could qualify for free virtual care.

Also, self-employed employees may be interested in Cigna’s Express Scripts Pharmacy. This service provides home delivery of a 90-day supply of medications and 24/7 access to professional pharmacists. Also, Cigna’s mental health network added Talkspace, a popular online counseling service.

Cigna has earned a reputation as one of the most comfortable providers for making its services convenient. You may acquire insurance rates and buy them online or over the phone. You can also purchase health insurance through your state’s exchange or Healthcare.gov. 

The cost of insurance varies depending on several factors. This includes where you live, the plan you select, your age, whether you smoke, and the size of your family.

Most doctors will promptly submit claims to Cigna, and you can access your explanation of benefits on the company’s website. On the other hand, out-of-network providers may force you to file a claim, which requires a long process.

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Blue Cross Blue Shield

In all 50 states, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico, Blue Cross Blue Shield insures 110 million people. The companies have an extensive network that encompasses 96 percent of hospitals in the country and 95 percent of medicals. 

Expats may receive coverage by health insurance through the company’s global network. Depending on the state, Blue Cross Blue Shield companies may provide various services. Blue365 may also offer health and wellness discounts, such as gym memberships and exercise equipment.

You can compare plan pricing and apply for health insurance on your local Blue Cross Blue Shield website. You can also enroll by calling your state’s health insurance exchange or visiting Healthcare.gov. With 34 different businesses, prices vary by area, plan type, age, cigarette usage, and family size.

After obtaining healthcare, visiting a hospital, or receiving a prescription, the provider submits a Blue Cross Blue Shield claim. You can acquire a claim statement that includes your debts by logging into your online portal or writing a letter.

Self-employed workers may be attracted to Blue Cross Blue Shield’s data-driven approach, such as the company’s National Health Index. This tracks health conditions by county. 


Since its beginning in 2015, Oscar has made waves with its unique approach to customer service. The company’s health insurance and Medicare coverage cover nearly 1 million people. You can get costs and sign up for a plan on Oscar’s website or call them. 

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You can also shop for insurance through Healthcare.gov or your state’s exchange. The cost varies with where you live, your plan, your age, cigarette consumption, and the size of your family.

The claims process is similar to that of other companies. Oscar will receive a claim from your provider and send you an explanation of benefits indicating how much you owe.

Oscar has a few unique features valuable to self-employed or gig economy workers. The company offers free virtual primary care and virtual urgent care. Furthermore, it provides access to a provider available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

Another remarkable feature is the Care Staff, which includes a trained team of guides that can answer your questions. This level of customer support is unequaled.

If you’re tired of lousy customer service, Oscar might be worth going to. Interestingly, you can use the company’s mobile app to access virtual care and the Care Team with other information.


UnitedHealthcare is a division of UnitedHealth Group, the nation’s largest health insurer.

You can get a quote and apply for health insurance easily with UnitedHealthcare. Your options include the company’s website, over the phone, through your state’s exchange, or Healthcare.gov. Also, a UnitedHealthcare plan’s cost depends on your state, plan type, age, smoking status, and family size.

The UnitedHealthcare claims process is simple: you won’t need to file a claim if you use the company’s provider network. However, you may be required to do so for your flexible spending account, upfront billing, or out-of-network providers. You can use the online portal or the claim by mail service to submit a claim.

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Forward-thinking Entrepreneurs may have interest in UnitedHealth Group’s approach to technology and innovation. The company uses big data to address challenges such as healthcare inequalities and to boost telehealth.

The largest network on our list belongs to UnitedHealthcare, owned by the country’s largest health insurance company. UnitedHealthcare’s coverage in every state may make it easier to choose a health insurance plan with your preferred doctors. Hence, it guarantees that self-employed people don’t have to cut back on medical care.


Molina Healthcare has 4.6 million members. The company sells Medicaid and Medicare plans in Arizona, California, Florida, Idaho, Illinois, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Michigan, Mississippi, Ohio, Nevada, etc. Medicaid covers a wide range of therapies and provides equal access to care as private insurance.

The website or customer service professionals at Molina Healthcare can assist you in obtaining quotes or applying. You can also apply online at Healthcare.gov or through your state’s healthcare exchange.

With many Molina plans having HMO designs, many services require payment at the time of care. Also, you may have to submit a claim on your own if a provider fails to deliver it to Molina.

Molina Healthcare aims at delivering affordable healthcare to low-income families. If you’re self-employed and trying to make ends meet, you may qualify for Molina’s Medicaid program, which offers full benefits. The Molina Dual Options plan, which combines Medicare and Medicaid coverage, is also available to qualified Illinois residents.

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