Rick and Morty Portal: Battle of Wits

I suppose you’d be interested in learning more about Rick and Morty Portal. Portals make it possible to go between two separate places. Most of the time, these places are in the same universe.

Rick and Morty Portal


Rick and Morty Portal

Rick and the Galactic Federation are the only organizations that have been known to produce interplanetary portal technology.

Several Ricks found the mathematical formula for interdimensional portal technology around the universe before the events of the series.


Later, with this capacity, they could explore the Central Finite Curve, a specific region of the multiverse.

Even if certain groups and individuals (such as Time Court, Morty Smith (304-X), and the gaseous inhabitants of the Fart dimension are aware that interdimensional teleportation is possible.

Nevertheless, it is unknown whether they have the knowledge required to use it or not. Rick and Morty Portal.

Manufactured Portal Classifications

The following are the various manufactured portals:


1. Interspatial Portals

Teleportation between two fixed sites inside the origin world is made possible through inter-spatial portals, which seem to seem blue in the films “The Rickshank Redemption” and “Pilot.”

It is implied that correctly operating blue portals have no appreciable time difference, allowing for very instantaneous travel.

2. Rickternal Friendshine of the Spotless Mort

In Birdperson’s account of the Battle of Blood Ridge, it is revealed that the Galactic Federation also employed opaque.

However, diamond-shaped purple portals (technically, a square rotated 45 degrees).

These portals had a concentric repeating pattern of their shape radiating outward from the center.

This type appears to be produced by four specialized starships holding formations, using some kind of energy (presumably precision-focused) rather than portal fluid.

3. Interdimensional Portals

These hybridization devices, which are green, may transmit non-gaseous matter between any two locations within the origin universe or even beyond dimensions into other universes.

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For users of green portals, there is no evidence of a practical time disparity.

Any “normal” Portal Gun, the dimensional drive of The Citadel, or a specially tuned interplanetary customs teleporter may all produce teleportation.

However, it seems the departure location stays nondeterministic until a paired (perhaps neighboring and comparable-sized) portal is produced to match.

Rick’s portal fluid may build green portals on surfaces (apart from laboratory glassware) that come into touch with it.

If two paired green portals come together, they seem to spontaneously collapse into a zero-point vacuum.

Dragging all linked solid matter with them thanks to the ouroboros effect.

4. Extradimensional Portals

The spectator first notices this confusing gateway, which seems golden, after Evil Morty triggers his Dimensional Drive Protocol.

However, on the Citadel, and attempts to escape the Central Finite Curve by punching through the barrier of the dimensional gap.

He creates a golden gateway after succeeding and teleports into the hazy region, potentially beyond the multiverse altogether.

Since most Ricks probably won’t find these dimensions useful enough to map or explore.

It is likely that Evil Morty used a heavily customized portal gun built specifically with golden fluid to access areas.

Hence, of reality outside the Central Finite Curve that is never typically downloaded onto modern portal guns.

5. Temporal Portals

They can allow things to travel across space-time and can be seen as brilliant off-white or light-blue bubbles that are lifted from the ground.

Both Snake Cyborgs and the Snake Resistance used them in the future during the Snakeet fight on the replacement dimension.

For Snake Planet to go back in time to the present-day Earth on separate missions to murder and defend Morty, respectively.

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Natural Portal Classifications

There are interdimensional wormholes that naturally exist, as depicted in the film “Mortynight Run.”

1. This variation is permeable to gaseous substances and, ironically, is a typical mode of travel for the “Fart” species across dimensions.

2. In “Mort Dinner Rick Andre,” there are also sizable blue unstable wormholes that lead to a real core or nexus of some sort that contains massive reality crystals and a tentacled creature that appears to eat realities to keep them in check.

3. The portal will also cut anything in its path during the collapse. Unknown methods are used to open and close this edition of the site.

4. During “The Whirly Dirly Conspiracy,” Rick and Jerry go through a cosmic wormhole, which is said to have formed naturally until local civilizations intentionally reinforce it with a protective outer edge.

5. This technique was highlighted in a memory flashback of Rick C-137’s origin narrative in “Rickmurai Jack,” demonstrating its prevalence throughout the course of at least the previous few decades.

6. An “unregistered cross-temporal asteroid” known as Furp Rock, a hub of worlds, is reached through “Mortynight Run” via an unseen wormhole that seems to phase (as if switching channels).

7. Because of the large number of Rick and Mortys on Furp Rock who left their Jerrys during Jerryboree, these invisible wormholes exist in all dimensions.

8. Through the use of an unidentified technique, after you depart Furp Rock, you are instantly transported back to your previous reality. Rick and Morty Portal

Portal Technology

Similar to how air travel on Earth is governed and limited, intergalactic portal travel is in the Galactic Federation.

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These rules also imply that interplanetary travel is exceedingly expensive and/or hard to perform.

Hence, this may be because of the authoritarian nature of the Galactic Federation (as regulating an enterprise that can be easily reproduced is nearly impossible).

Only cosmic portals, like those in “The Rickchurian Mortydate,” which need fixed gates at both ends, are capable of being built by the Galactic Federation.

The Galactic Federation has been looking for Rick for decades, not only because of his several famous crimes against the Federation.

But also in order to learn the interdimensional traveler’s secrets.

The portal technology used by the US government is what Rick calls “ghetto-ass,” “off-brand,” and “deficit-tripling.”

Since the military must first arrive at the destination to set up the teleporter before it can be utilized.

And it seems improbable that the government’s teleporter will enable travel to another dimension.

Portal Gun

The Portal Gun is a device that allows its user(s) to jump between several worlds, dimensions, and universes.

Though it is unknown which Rick made the device, it was probably made by one.

However, Rick C-137 was not the original creator of the portal gun in the Multiverse, according to Rickmurai Jack.

It is probable that Weird Rick was the portal gun’s initial creator given that he was the first Rick to hold one and that he persuaded Rick C-137 to do the same (in the created memory).

Hence, knowing what Rick and Morty’s portals are and how they function in the universe is important.

Portals make it possible to go between two separate places. These places are typically found in the same universe.



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