UG Admission Portal 2024/2025| How to Apply and Check Status

Discover how to access the UG Admission Portal, obtain e-voucher cards for admission, recover serial pins, apply for admission, and check your admission status. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the entire process.

UG Admission Portal


UG Admission Portal

Whether you’re a prospective student or a parent assisting with the admission process, this guide aims to provide clear instructions and step-by-step guidance on navigating the portal effectively.

From accessing the portal to checking your admission status, we’ve got you covered.


How to Buy an E-Voucher

Ghanaian applicants may purchase University of Ghana online application E-VOUCHERS at the following banks for GHC220.00:

  • Access Bank,
  • Ecobank,
  • Republic Bank,
  • Agricultural Development Bank,
  • Ghana Commercial Bank,
  • Zenith Bank,
  • The Universal Merchant Bank,
  • The Consolidated Bank Ghana (CBG),
  • Prudential Bank, and
  • Fidelity Bank.

On all mobile telecommunications networks, you can also purchase E-VOUCHERS by using the USSD code *887*9#. Information on the USSD Payment can be found by clicking here.

The E-VOUCHER is to be used by Ghanaian applicants in the following categories:

You should NOT purchase the e-voucher if you are an international applicant or a Ghanaian applying from abroad. Access to the online application form and to complete and submit it, they should utilize the given link.


Graduate applicants from abroad, including Ghanaians, may apply online.

A non-refundable application processing fee of US$10.00 must be paid by all applicants to the university. The University of Ghana’s ECOBANK Account accepts direct payments as well as wire transfers for this charge.

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How to Apply for Admission on the UG Students Portal

Applying for undergraduate admission in Ghana is an exciting step towards your educational journey. To help you through the process, follow the steps below:

1. Visit the official website of the Ug Admission Portal.

2. Enter your Serial Number and Pin in the respective fields. These details are provided to you on the e-voucher you purchased.

3. Double-check the Serial Number and Pin to ensure their accuracy.

4. The application procedure can be started by logging into your account by clicking the “Login” button.

5. You can use the application as follows after successfully logging in:

6. Give the necessary details on the application form.

7. The form may include sections such as personal details, educational background, choice of program, and additional information.

8. Make sure that each area has true and current information.

9. Before submitting the application online, the pay-in slips, applicants’ certificates, and result slips must all be scanned and attached. To be attached to the application, the certificates and result slips must be scanned into a single PDF or Word document.

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10. Do not forget that no application will be finished until there is proof that the fee has been paid.

11. Make sure all of the information in your application is accurate by carefully reading it.

`12. Once you are satisfied with your application, submit it through the Ug Admission Portal.

13. You will get a confirmation notification after submitting your application.

14. It is important to keep track of any updates or communication from the admissions office regarding your application status.

Remember to meet any specified deadlines for submission to ensure that your application is considered. Best of luck with your undergraduate admission application!

How Can I Check My Application Status at the University of Ghana?

1. Visit the UG LEGON status checker portal to start the verification processes for UG LEGON admission status.

2. After that, enter the Voucher Serial Number or the surname you used while applying.

3. To view your admission status after that, use the “Search” option.

4. Print the admission letter for the University of Ghana (UG LEGON) now.

How to Retrieve a Forgotten PIN

If you have forgotten your PIN for the Ug Admission Portal, follow the steps below to retrieve it:

1. Visit the official website of the Ug Admission Portal.

2. On the login page, look for and select the “Retrieve PIN” option.

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3. Provide the necessary information in the form. Please take note that all fields denoted by an asterisk (*) are required.

  • Serial number: Enter the serial number associated with your admission application.
  • Surname: Provide your last name.
  • First name: Enter your first name.
  • Other names: If you have any other names, you can enter them here.
  • Gender: Select your gender from the provided options.
  • Date of Birth: From the drop-down choices, select your birthdate.
  • Mobile Number: Enter a valid mobile number where you can receive notifications.
  • Hometown: Provide the name of your hometown.

4. Verify the data you have entered a second time to be sure it is accurate.

5. When you finish, press the “Submit” or “Retrieve PIN” button.

6. The system will process your request and retrieve your PIN associated with the provided information.

7. You will receive a notification containing your retrieved PIN. Make sure to keep it safe and secure.

By following the steps outlined in this guide, you can access the portal effortlessly, obtain e-voucher cards for admission, recover serial pins, apply for admission, and check your admission status with ease.

Remember to keep your login credentials, e-voucher cards, and serial pins secure throughout the entire process. Good luck with your admission journey!


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