How Cheating End A Relationship




The problem that can end a relationship under this category is the issue of cheating on your partner.


Cheating means that an extra relationship is built beyond the original relationship.

This trend has become an unfortunate part in most current relationships of today. People are interested in multiple relationships.


The reason why people are engaging in multiple relationships include:



• Lust and greediness

• Lack of self control

• The need to satisfy material cravings (money, jobs, feedings, clothing)

• Some people want to have several cards in their hands, so that they can settle on the option they feel is best amongst all when they finally want to get married.

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• Some people never let go of their Exs

• Lack of attention. Once you’re not giving your spouse/partner attention and they’re getting it else where, cheating is inevitable, cheating doesn’t just start a day, but building on attention you get away from your spouse/partner.



The dangers of cheating…

1. Double-mindedness: when you are finally ready to settle down, you are often caught in a trap as to who cut loose and who to go forward with.


2. Double relationships does not allow people to focus on one person well enough to know partners well to overcome challenges. People get married and don’t know their partners well at all because they didn’t focus during the dating and courtship.



3. Those caught in sex are susceptible to sexually transmitted infections that can even be fatal.

4. The issue of pregnancy comes in and ladies don’t know who is really responsible. Many fathers are taking care of other people’s children because of the deception of cheating.


5. Maintaining multiple relationships can drain people financially, and dissipate time and energy.


6. Some people cheat and later go to marry other people – then they face the embarrassing moments when their jilted partners gatecrash and disrupt their marriage Ceremonies. Some people are even bathed in acid or killed for this. And of course there is also spiritual manipulations.


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