All of us begin a journey from a state of singleness. Are you single and satisfied to remain single, or are you single and seriously seeking for relationship/marriage?


For the majority it is the latter – we are looking for relationship with someone we can share a life with. There is little surprising in this; for most, the expectation is intimacy, family life and partnership. We want to be with someone we can love and in whom we can be loved.

Everyone needs to know their path. For most, God fills us with a desire for an intimate relationship with a spouse, for others He fills them with a desire to be wholly intimate with Him alone.

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Sometimes as Christians we assume that these two choices represent two different lifestyles and different goals, and that remaining single is the only true path to real intimacy and godly service. If you believe you should remain single because of the grace you have received to focus on Him, then all is good because you have more time to spend in God’s presence and more time to serve in your community and the tasks of the Kingdom. If you desire a spouse, then all is good because in marriage your sacrificial love for your spouse, building a family and teaching them to follow the King is also a true call to godly service. In marriage you become the reflection of Christ and His church and a witness to the world. So, two different lifestyles – yes, but each has the same goal.

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Being Single and Satisfy

Is your ambition to have a deeper relationship with Christ? To be able to focus on the things of Christ above all else so that you become deeply intimate with Him? Do you feel you want to dedicate and separate yourself to Him? Such a decision must be based on a calling, it cannot be based on an ambitious choice. It requires the measure of grace for its fulfillment that must be an anointing upon you. The ability to set yourself apart for a Christian life of singleness, speaks to a special kind of devotion and service. Who better to explain it than Jesus?

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Not everyone is meant to remain single—only those whom God gives grace to be unmarried. For some are born to celibacy; others have been made eunuchs by others. And there are some who have chosen to live in celibacy for the sacred purpose of heaven’s kingdom realm. Let those who can, accept this truth for themselves.


Matthew 19:11-12


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