Relationship Is A Game




Relationship is one thing that can mess up your life, do be careful. Pray & be sensible when falling in love, Love can turn into a bright future and a miserable life. It’s painful to know that the person you love is actually in love with someone else.

The idea of playing games in relationship simply has to do with the tricks people play, the things people in the hope of gaining a leverage or staying in an advantageous position in a relationship. The efforts they put into guarding themselves from hurt or to not end up looking like a fool or getting played.

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It’s even more painful to fall in love with a person who has another thing in mind.

Every relationship is a game of risk. No one can say which is really going to work. Some relationship mistakes can cause a life time regret.

Search for a good heart and not a beautiful face because beautiful things are not always good, but good things are always beautiful. Age and pressure is never a reason to date or marry. If you are single sometimes means God is putting you on reserve for the person you deserve.



So Don’t allow the rate of marriages this days make you feel left out.

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Not all marriages are normal some are suicide mission while some marriages are motivated by sexual urge and money greed. No love in it, Be careful who you date the heart of a man is only known by his GOD


Forget face, shape, fame, qualification or money. All this things become Irrelevant in just 5years into the marriage.


And never you date someone you know deep down your heart you cannot marry.

A word is a enough for a wise.

Be careful who you’re trusting, be careful who you’re loving. Your happiness is in your hands.




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