Maintaining Sexual Purity In A Relationship

The sacred powers of procreation are to be employed only between man and woman, lawfully wedded as husband and wife.


The Lord’s standard regarding sexual purity is clear and unchanging.

Any sex outside wedlock either with your boyfriend, fiancee or about to wed partner, as long as you’re not married, it’s a sin before God.



There are so many reasons that makes Sexual purity so important not only in a relationship but for yourself too.


When you abstain from immoral act and keep yourself pure, you’re free fromr



• Emotional heartbreak

• Sexual transmitted Demons

• Guilt, shame, grief and fear

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• Unwanted pregnancy

• Unfinished Education

• Single parenting

• Consequences of Abortion

• Sexual transmitted disease

• Raising Unwanted child…e.t.c


So therefore it worth it


Sexual purity is the act of abstaining from all forms of Sexual immoral activities and stay pure, untouched, unspotted, and undefiled


Embrace purity!

Ungodly Sex drives away the presence of God

Ungodly Sex is a terminator,it terminate God’s plan for your life.


Live holy!!

Stay pure!!

Embrace Chasity!!

It’s the real deal!!

It worth it!!!!




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