University of Washington Acceptance Rate: Admission Requirements

One of the first things to consider before applying to UW is the University of Washington Acceptance Rate. This will let you know and understand the chances you will have in getting admission into the University. Read on to find out!

University of Washington Acceptance Rate

The University of Washington Acceptance Rate

The University of Washington has different acceptance rates for Washinton residents and non-washington residents.

The Acceptance Rate for Washington residents is 54%. This means out of 100 resident students who applied for admission, about 54 students will get admission.

The acceptance rate for the non-resident is 46%. This also means that out of the 100 non-resident students who apply for admission, about 46 students will get admission.

The University of Washington is moderately selective with its acceptance rate.

The university also has set certain requirements for your GPA and SAT/ACT scores. They are comparatively more flexible than some other institutions.

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If you meet these requirements, your chances of admission are high. However, if you don’t meet the requirements, there is a possibility that you will be among those who will not be admitted.

What GPA Do I Need to Get into UW?

You will need a GPA of 3.8 to get into the University of Washington. For you to meet this GPA requirement, you should be aiming for higher grades like A’s and B’s.

It’s a good idea to enroll in challenging courses like AP or IB in order to show your ability to manage the pressure that comes with college-level work.

You will need to achieve higher SAT or ACT scores if your GPA is at or below the school’s average of 3.8 in order to make up for it.

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SAT and ACT Requirements of the University of Washington 

Every school has its own requirements when it comes to standardized tests. Some schools require the SAT or ACT, while some require SAT subject tests.

The University of Washington has not explicitly stated its policy regarding SAT/ACT requirements.

However, given that they have published average SAT and ACT scores (which we’ll discuss shortly), it’s likely that they are flexible when it comes to standardized tests.

Typically, schools with this approach say, “If you believe your SAT or ACT score accurately represents your abilities as a student, feel free to submit them. Otherwise, it’s not necessary.”

In spite of these limitations, most students still choose to take the SAT or ACT, and the majority of applicants to the University of Washington submit their scores.

If you choose not to send your scores, you’ll have one less aspect to demonstrate your qualifications compared to other applicants.

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Therefore, we recommend considering taking the SAT or ACT and performing well on it. The average SAT composite score at the University of Washington is 1340 on the 1600 SAT scale.

This score places the University of Washington in the moderately competitive range for SAT scores.

Although there isn’t a set ACT cutoff, if your score is too low, the admissions process may be more difficult for your application.

Regarding the ACT, the average score at the University of Washington is 30. This score positions the University of Washington as strongly competitive in terms of ACT scores.

With careful preparation and dedication, you can increase your chance of becoming a proud student at the University of Washington. Good luck!

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