Fairmont State University Acceptance Rate and Other Requirements

What is the Fairmont State University Acceptance Rate? Find out and learn about the acceptance rate, GPA, and SAT/ACT requirements because they will all help increase your chance of admission to the University.

Fairmont State University Acceptance Rate and Other Requirements



Fairmont State University Acceptance Rate

Fairmont State University boasts a high acceptance rate of 99%, making it accessible to many aspiring students.


While they do have GPA and SAT/ACT score expectations, the university is relatively lenient compared to others. If you meet these requirements, your chance of getting admission significantly improves.

However, not meeting these requirements might result in joining the minority of applicants who receive rejection letters.

Despite the high acceptance rate, it’s still essential to meet or exceed their criteria to secure your spot at Fairmont State University.

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Your academic performance and test scores play a crucial role in the admission process.


What GPA is Required for Fairmont State University?

Fairmont State University admits students with a GPA of 2.0, indicating they accept those below the average.

It is advisable to maintain a B-average with occasional A’s while avoiding C’s and D’s, as this could raise doubts about your readiness for college-level studies.

For juniors and seniors, improving your GPA before college applications can be challenging.

If your GPA matches or falls below the school’s average of 3.29, a higher SAT or ACT score becomes crucial to compete effectively with applicants who possess stronger GPAs.

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Fairmont State University SAT and ACT Requirements

Each college sets its own criteria for standardized tests, typically requiring the SAT or ACT, and sometimes SAT subject tests.

Fairmont State University mandates either the SAT or ACT for applications, emphasizing the importance of strong performance.

The average SAT composite score at Fairmont State is 1020 out of 1600, classifying it as lightly competitive in terms of SAT scores.

Similarly, while there might not be a strict ACT cutoff, a notably low score could negatively impact your application.

Fairmont State University maintains an average ACT score of 21, categorizing it as moderately competitive for ACT scores.

Is Fairmont State University a Good School?

Fairmont State University is the 98th-ranked institution among 136 Regional Universities South.

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This ranking is determined by evaluating the university’s performance across various well-recognized measures of quality and excellence.

While this ranking provides insight into Fairmont State’s position relative to other universities in the region, it’s important to consider some factors.

Factors like individual preferences, academic programs, and personal goals when assessing if Fairmont State University aligns with your educational needs.

Rankings offer a general overview but don’t always capture the unique qualities and opportunities that a specific university may offer to its students.

Fairmont State University has a high acceptance rate, making it accessible for many students.

Your application’s focus should be on meeting GPA and test score requirements for a successful admission.


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