Lincoln Community School: Discovering Excellence in Education

Discover how Lincoln Community School provides an exceptional education to students through innovative teaching methods and an inclusive community environment.

Lincoln Community School


Lincoln Community School

Lincoln Community School, also known as LCS, is a renowned educational institution located in Accra, Ghana.

The 1968-founded institution offers a top-notch education to pupils in prekindergarten through grade 12.


The reputation of Lincoln Community School is built on its rigorous academic curriculum, extensive extracurricular offerings, and warm community setting that maximizes each student’s potential.

Here, we will explore how Lincoln Community School stands out in providing an exceptional educational experience for students.

Academic Curriculum

LCS provides a thorough academic program that emphasizes helping students improve their ability to think critically and solve problems.

The IB program, which is renowned for its exacting academic standards and comprehensive approach to education, is to develop the curriculum.


With a 98% pass rate, Lincoln Community School students frequently do well on IB exams. Additionally, the school offers AP classes, which let students earn college credits while still in high school.

Lincoln Community School Admissions Process

Lincoln Community School has a selective admissions process. And that ensures the school admits students who can thrive academically and socially in its rigorous educational environment. Here are the steps to apply for admission:

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Step 1. Starting the Online Application

1. Create an account by clicking on Inquiry.

2. Complete the online application and select the appropriate school year of application.

3. Upload the following documents in PDF format:

  • Medical Forms (Immunization, Health information, and Examination forms)
  • Report cards from the previous three years (must be in English).
  • Official Transcripts (high school students only).
  • Birth Certificate and/or Passport page of student.
  • Current passport-size picture of the student with a plain background (JPEG format ONLY).
  • Standardized test scores or two recommendation forms from the student’s Math & English Teachers (applicable for only Grade 6 to 12 students).
  • Other assessments/evaluations/documentation (Psycho-educational evaluation, IEPs, etc…) if applicable.

4. Pay the non-refundable online application fee of $200.00 with either a debit or credit card.

5. The Confidential School Report will be sent through Open Apply to the appropriate individual(s) at the child’s current school. Please have their email contacts ready to enter when you get to that point during the online process.

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Note: The Admissions Office must receive a fully completed application, including payment of the application fee, before starting to evaluate the child’s file for admission.

Step 2. Admission Decision

1. Admissions decisions are made after reviewing the completed application

2. Parents will get the final admission decision from the Admissions Office

Step 3. Enrollment

1. Upon receiving the admission letter and invoice, pay the one-time, non-refundable registration fee of $6,500 within 10 working days to secure enrollment

2. Failure to pay within the given time period will result in non-enrollment.

Innovative Teaching Methods

Lincoln Community School teachers use innovative teaching methods that go beyond traditional classroom lectures. They combine technology, practical instruction, and group projects to produce an engaging learning environment.

With a student-centered approach, teachers pay attention to each student’s particular learning preferences and adjust their teaching strategies as necessary.

This method gets pupils up to speed on subjects and gets them ready for problems they’ll face in the real world.

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Inclusive Community Environment

The inclusive community atmosphere at Lincoln Community School is renowned for fostering a sense of belonging among staff, instructors, and students.

The school celebrates diversity and promotes cultural awareness through various activities such as international week, cultural fairs, and student-led clubs.

In addition, Lincoln Community School boasts a robust athletics program that inspires students to maintain a healthy lifestyle and develop their leadership and teamwork abilities.

Extracurricular Activities

To meet the interests and passions of its students, LCS provides a wide choice of extracurricular activities.

From music and drama to robotics and sports, there is something for everyone. The school’s arts program is particularly strong, with students regularly showcasing their talents at local and international events.

The school also has a Model United Nations program, which allows students to engage in simulated UN debates and develop their diplomacy and public speaking skills.

Lincoln Community School provides an exceptional educational experience that prepares students for success in the global community. Whether you are a student, parent, or educator, LCS is an excellent choice for quality education.


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