Starnet College Student Portal Login and Features

All students of Starnet College (SC) should have access to the Starnet College Student Portal to be able to carry out most of their academic tasks. Find out how you can log in to your student dashboard and access the SC student portal’s features.

Starnet College Student Portal


Starnet College Student Portal

The Starnet College Student Portal serves as an online platform where students can engage in various educational activities, including checking their Results.

The Starnet College Students Portal also referred to as the SC Portal, facilitates the registration process for both new and returning students.


Starnet College has developed this Online Portal specifically for current and prospective university students. It enables users to effortlessly create an account or log in, facilitating various academic actions with ease.

These actions encompass applications to institutions, perusal of available courses, checking admission status, reviewing results, and more.

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How to Login to the Starnet College Student Portal

1. Access the SC Student Portal by visiting the designated login page and entering your credentials.

2. Log in to the Starnet College Application Portal using your registered account details to explore application-related features.


3. For existing and new students, initiate the login process on the Starnet College Students Portal to access academic information and services.

4. Complete your Starnet College (SC) Portal login for seamless registration and enrollment procedures.

5. Use the Online Portal created by Starnet College to log in, enabling you to perform various academic actions effortlessly.

Features of the SC Student Portal

1. The Starnet College Student Portal offers a user-friendly interface for students to check and manage their academic results efficiently.

2. Explore application statuses, submission of documents, and program choices within the Starnet College Application Portal.

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3. The Starnet College Students Portal provides features for both new and returning students, facilitating course registration and academic updates.

4. Experience a streamlined registration process and access essential resources through the features embedded in the Starnet College (SC) Portal.

5. The Online Portal by Starnet College features a comprehensive set of tools, allowing students to perform academic actions like application submissions, course exploration, and result checking.

Courses Offered at Starnet College

The courses offered at Starnet College are as follows:

Diploma Programs

1. Hospitality Management Subjects (1 Year, Full Time)

2. Marketing Management (1 Year, Full Time)

3. Office Management (1 Year, Full Time)

4. Project Management (1 Year, Full Time)

5. Purchasing and Supply Management (1 Year, Full Time)

6. Sales Management and Marketing (1 Year, Full Time)

7. Public Sector Management (1 Year, Full Time)

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Certificate Programs

1. Accountancy (6 Months, Full Time)

2. Business Management and Administration (6 Months, Full Time)

3. Computer Application Packages (3 Months, Full Time)

4. Graphic Design (3 Months, Full Time)

5. Hotel & Catering Supervision Subjects (1 Year, Full Time)

6. Information Technology (3 Months, Full Time)

7. International Relations (1 Year, Full Time)

8. Marketing (6 Months, Full Time)

9. Marketing, Advertising, and Public Relations (1 Year, Full Time)

10. Programming Languages (3 Months, Full Time)

11. Sales Management and Marketing (1 Year, Full Time)

12. Web Design (3 Months, Full Time)

13. Computerised Accounting (3 Months, Full Time)

You can now go ahead and log in to your student portal and access the different features the SC student portal has to offer its students. Good luck with your studies!


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