UCC Student Portal: The Gateway to Manage Your Academic Life

The UCC Student Portal is an online platform created to give students of the University of Cape Coast (UCC) easy access to academic resources and information. Let’s explore the UCC Student Portal in this guide. However, it will benefit you if read through it.

UCC Student Portal: Student Portal to Manage Your Academic Life


Ucc Student Portal

Furthermore, the student’s platform can always give access to students’ academic records, and help them to register for courses.

And also give access to learning materials, schedule classes, and share information among colleagues and lecturers.


However, the portal is also used to process various administrative tasks, such as paying tuition fees and updating personal information.

Finally. with its simple interface and convenient features, the UCC Student Portal is an essential tool for students who want to stay focused, updated, and engaged throughout their academic pursuits.

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Benefits of the UCC Student Portal 

1. Easy access to academic records

2. Convenient course registration


3. Access to learning materials

4. Improved communication with faculty

5. Efficient administrative processes

UCC Student Portal Log-in Steps

1. Browse the school website

2. Sign up with your Student Registration Number and Password

3. Tap on the Login Button

However, your student portal account is logged in.

Student Portal Password Reset

If you have forgotten your student password, here are the steps to follow:

1. Reset your Password by receiving a Code Reset Password here.

2. Enter your Student Registration Number and Telephone Number

3. Tap on submit

4. You will receive a reset Code on your phone

5. Finally, input your reset code received, for verification

Hence, once your reset code has been verified, your password will be updated so you may log in.

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Password Reset Using E-mail

1. Login Student Account

2. Enter your student registration number and email address

3. Finally, click submit

4. Log into the email account you previously entered.

5. Check your inbox and kindly, follow the link to reset your password

6. Redirected to the student portal login page

7. Finally, enter your new password and sign up.

How to Check UCC Results

1. Follow the steps below to check your UCC results:

2. Sign Up here

3. Key in your Student Registration Number and Password

3. Tap on the Login Button

4. Navigate to the student result checking section

5. Select the course you want to check

6. Finally, click on Submit

The university is so pronounced for its academic excellence,  commitment to community development, and innovative research.

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UCC offers students a thorough education that equips them for success in their chosen industries and advances society thanks to its highly skilled staff, cutting-edge facilities, and active campus community.

Furthermore, the UCC Student Portal is an online platform that provides University of Cape Coast (UCC) students with academic resources and services in its facility.

The UCC Student Portal is an important platform that gives UCC students easy access to a range of academic resources and services.

Hence, from academic records to course registration and communication with faculty.

Most importantly, the portal is an indispensable tool that helps students stay organized and informed.

However, as a new or returning student, be sure to explore the UCC Student Portal and take advantage of the information you have.


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