UG Home: Exploring the Student Portal

The UG Home as a student portal offers a variety of academic and administrative resources to students in this institution. As a centralized platform, UG Home However, gives access to important information such as course schedules, academic calendars, and exam timetables. This post however will be exploring the features and benefits of the UG Home student portal, and how to use the portal.

UG Home



UG Home

The University of Ghana Home is an online platform that gives access to academic and administrative resources for students, faculty, staff, and alumni of the institution broadly.


From course materials and research databases to news and event updates, however, the UG Home portal serves as a centralized hub for the university community.

Creating an Account and Logging In

Learn how to create your account here;

1. The first step to using UG Home is to create an account and log in.

2. Your student’s current university email address and student ID number are important to create an account.


3. Students can hoverer log in with their username and password after creating an account.

4. Hence, this data involves sensitive personal and academic information, so it is crucial to maintain it safe and secure.

Navigating the UG Home Dashboard

1. After logging in, students will be directed to the UG Home dashboard.

2. The dashboard serves as the central hub for all of the portal’s features and resources.

3. Students can henceforth access their course materials and timetables, including resources for academic support, the library, and extracurricular activities, on the dashboard.

4. It’s however very important to spend some time getting used to the dashboard’s functions.

5. Rearranging the widgets or adding and removing the ones that are most pertinent to your needs can help you arrange the dashboard.

What are the Features and Benefits of UG Home?

Here are some features and benefits of this portal:

Course Materials and Schedules

The course materials and schedules are one of UG Home’s key benefits.

Students can however check their course schedules, lecture notes, and reading lists under the “Courses” tab.

Hence, by staying organized and on top of their studies, students can keep up to date on assignments.

In addition, UG Home provides students with access to their course schedules, including lecture times, venues, and instructors.

This can however help students to reschedule important lectures at their convenience.

Academic Support

Another important feature of UG Home is its ability to provide students with academic support.

Students can access a variety of tools, such as writing manuals, research databases, and study advice, under the “Academic Support” page.

Furthermore, students who require extra support with a particular course or task may find this to be extremely beneficial.

Library Resources

UG Home also provides students with access to the university’s academic calendar, hence, outlines important dates such as registration deadlines, exam periods, and holiday breaks.

The portal also gives access to students to make use of the university’s library resources.

Under the “Library” tab, students can search the library catalog, view their borrowing history, and renew books online.

In addition, UG Home provides students with access to the university’s electronic resources, including databases and e-books.

Extracurricular Activities

Finally, there are several chances for students to participate in extracurricular activities on the platform.

Students can however access an event calendar, sign up for clubs and organizations, and participate in online forums and conversations under the “Student Life” option.

Hence, students who wish to interact with colleagues will fancy this.

Lastly, the student portal is an important resource for students at the University of Ghana.

Everybody can find something at the portal, whether they’re looking for academic assistance, library resources, or extracurricular activities.

 Hence. this post will help you explore the student portal and make use of its features.


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