Accra Girls Senior High School: Academics and History

Accra Girls Senior High School boasts a rich history of academic excellence. The school however has a wide range of programs that helps in preparing students for higher education and to have a successful career. This guide will however cover everything you need to know about the history and the academic activities in the school.

Accra Girls Senior High School: Academics and History


Accra Girls Senior High School 

A government-run school for girls (Accra Girls Senior High School) was established in 1960.

However, this happens during a period of self-governing administration under Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the leader of the country. 


There were however only a few schools and as a result, a few educated people in the country, a situation which did not auger well for development.

Furthermore, the school was initially known as the Government Girls Secondary School, located in Osu, a suburb of Accra.

And was later moved to its current location in Bubuashie, Accra, where it has continued to grow and develop.

Finally, the vision is to expand education so as to produce people who would lead meaningful lives as well as serve the manpower needs of the nation which will help in development.


Academic Programs

The academic programs at Accra Girls Senior High School however cut across a wide range of fields in General Arts, General Science, Business, Home Economics, and Visual Arts.

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However, students choose a program based on their interests and career aspirations.

Students who want to work in the sciences are usually advised to enroll in General Science.

Hence, those who want to work in the arts, social sciences, or humanities should however enroll in the General Arts.

Furthermore, the academic programs at the school are designed to build the students to have a strong foundation in the subject of their choice.

And as well as to assist them in critical thinking abilities which will enhance their learning ability too.

Finally, English and French are compulsory subjects in the school for all students because that’s part of the school’s priority.

School Facilities and Resources

Accra Girls Senior High School however has a wealth of resources and facilities to help its extracurricular and academic programs.

Most importantly, the school has standard labs and classrooms, a well-stocked library, and a computer center to ease the learning process.

Additionally, sports facilities with a football field, basketball court, volleyball court, and equipment for track and field competitions are what the school can also boast about.

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Furthermore, the school faculty and staff are skilled and knowledgeable to the highest.

Finally, the school has a dedicated guidance and counseling department that offers support and advice to students on academic matters.

Notable Achievements By Accra Girls Senior High School

The school is outstanding in so many areas, especially in academics.

Hence, in  2019, the school was ranked as the third-best school in Ghana by the West African Examination Council (WAEC).

The school’s students however achieved a 100% pass rate in the Senior High School Certificate Examination (SSCE).

And with many of them scoring A’s and B’s in all the subjects they have ever seat for.

Furthermore, this impressive performance has earned them the distinction of being the best-performing school in the Greater Accra Region.

In addition to its academic achievements, Accra Girls Senior High School is also known for its strong emphasis on community service and social responsibility.

Application Requirements

Below are the few important requirements for admission into Accra Girls Senior High School:

1. Note that applicants must be between 14 and 18 years of age.

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2. Also, applicants with good academic records will be highly considered for admission.

3. Most importantly, applicants must be Ghanaian citizens.

4. And all applicants must pass a placement test administered by the school.

Accra Girls Senior High School Application Process

1. Obtain an application form from the admission office or Click here

2. Complete the application form

3. Submit the application form after completion to the admission office and follow the modalities.

3. If your application is successful, you will be invited to take a placement test at the school.

4. After passing the placement test, you will be invited for an interview with the school’s admissions committee.

5. Finally, if you are successful in the application process, you will be notified of your acceptance to Accra Girls Senior High School.

The school however has a rich history of academic excellence and leadership development.

Hence, Accra Girls Senior High School graduates have gone on to make important contributions in a variety of sectors.

And even demonstrating the institution’s dedication to developing the next generation of leaders.

If you have been reading this post that means that you enrich yourself.


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