Richland 2 Parent Portal (Update on Registration Details)

Richland Two strives to be the top school district. Its mission is to develop global citizens of tomorrow who are ready to lead and excel in their chosen careers. Here’s important information about the Richland 2 parent portal.

Richland 2 Portal

The district’s learning and working environment is one where all partners are dedicated to fostering, maintaining, and investing in a culture and environment of excellence and where everyone has the chance to fully develop their unique skills and abilities.

Policy ACB Equity

They devote the board to the district’s goal and vision and to the academic achievement of every student. The achievement of every student and the district’s goal and vision depend on equity of opportunity and accessibility to resources.

Equality and equity are not the same thing. Fair education means that every student has access to the same chances and supports, whereas equitable education means that every student has access to the opportunity and supports necessary to fully develop their unique skills and abilities and find their calling.

Results that do not fairly represent pupils’ ability and potential result from inequities. Inequities also hinder people from leading and thriving in their chosen fields and restrict future progress.

The board is dedicated to preventing students’ identities from foretelling or predetermining their degree of academic accomplishment. The board is also dedicated to ensuring that kids receive a top-notch education.

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Under any legal requirements, Richland School District Two is dedicated to ensuring that all individuals have access to educational and employment opportunities, regardless of their race, color, religion, national origin, disability, pregnancy, age, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity status, or any other protected characteristic.


Richland 2 Parent Portal

Parents can go to the following link to access Parent Portal (it will say PowerSchool).

When registering on the internet, having your child’s student number on hand makes creating a parent account simple. You may then add other children by using the Account Preferences section after becoming affiliated with that kid.

How to Access the Parent Portal

Parents can visit the official parents website here. This will bring up the Parent Portal login screen with instructions to Create an Account and a “Learn More” link for more information, or they can Sign In if they already have an account.


a. The Username cannot be an email address. Username cannot have any symbols either.

b. Student Name: First Last

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c. Instructions for Access ID and Access Password

d. Access ID will be the student’s ID number (either 12 or 5 digits) that can be found on their most recent report card or current schedule.

e. Access Password will be the student’s birthday, Using 6 digits without dashes or slashes. Example 02/16/1994 will be 021694.

f. Relationship: Parent Relationship To Student

Once you have established your initial Parent Portal access and you need to add other children to your account.


How to Add a Student

a. Select Account Preferences

b. Select on the right, “Add.”

If you provide all the information (see previous slide for explanation), the child should be added to your Parent Portal account.

Annual Registration

You can click on this symbol to get to the link for Annual Registration/Proof of Residency once it has gone live. You may upload the necessary files and data here.

E-mail Notifications

Select your preference for E-mail notifications

Checking Grades

Here, a list of all Linked student accounts will appear. To view a student, click on their name. Students 1 through 3 are listed. After choosing the student’s name, select Grades and Attendance.

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To view the grades for each grading period, click on the numerical values.


Checking Individual Assignment Grades

If you notice any icons or symbols that could show in the flags section next to the scores, see here.

Paying Fees

You will be taken to a different website when you choose Student Costs, where you may then pay all of your student’s fees (s).

You may get a “summary” of all charge expenses once you arrive at the fee site. Click on the tab for the individual student’s name to get a detailed breakdown of the charges.

Add Lunch Money to Account

To contribute money to a student’s lunch account, make sure you are on the individual student tab. Additionally, you may view fee amounts and print statements.


When you’re ready to pay, click “View Cart” to get a summary of the items you’re purchasing, or “Checkout” to input your card information and finish the transaction.

Please visit our other pages or get in touch with your child’s school if you have any more questions about using the Parent Portal.

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