Student Portal at Portal-Ucc-Edu-Gh The student portal has been made available by the University of Cape Coast (UCC) Authority.




The University of Cape Coast (UCC) built the online portal so that official students may easily register for an account or log in to carry out specific academic tasks, such as course registration.

In order to give students quick access to personal information like monitoring bursary awards and school medical insurance, the University of Cape Coast, UCC student site can also interact with other systems.


This page essentially provides information on the official University of Cape Coast, the UCC student portal, and its website.

How to Access/Login to the Ucc Student Portal

▸ Open your internet browser e.g. Internet Explorer, Chrome, Firefox, etc.

▸ Kindly visit the University of Cape Coast, UCC student portal link as shown below.

▸ Enter your User ID as your Student Number and your Password as National ID (default or whatever you change it to)


▸ Upon successful login, you will be directed to your homepage.

▸ Click the items as shown on your homepage/dashboard to monitor both your academic and fee payment progression at any point in time.


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What are the Best Courses to Take for Pre Law?

▸ Political science.

▸ Philosophy.

▸ Sociology.

▸ English.

▸ Economics.

▸ Public Speaking.

How to Find Peoples’ Phone Numbers on the Internet?

Whitepages is a user-friendly internet resource for finding people, doing background checks, and screening potential tenants.

By inputting a person’s name and location, you may use the People Search function to get their phone number. Whitepages assists in finding landline and mobile phone numbers, however, it only works to locate persons in the US.

Do I have to Clear GMAT to Study MBA in Abroad?

You can avoid taking the GMAT by enrolling in an MBA program overseas if you have a valid graduate degree.

If a student has a prior graduate degree in a relevant field and is applying to an MBA program, many universities may waive the GMAT requirement.


What are the Prestigious Colleges in Canada?

▸ University of Toronto

▸ McGill University

▸ University of British Columbia

▸ Université de Montréal

▸ University of Alberta

▸ McMaster University

▸ University of Waterloo

Western University

▸ Queen’s University

▸ University of Calgary



Is ESMT Berlin a Good School to Pursue MIM?

The Financial Times Business School Rankings presently ranked the top business school in Europe and in Germany ESMT Berlin.

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The Financial Times has placed the MiM program at ESMT as number twelve, with rankings of seven for overall satisfaction and ten for global mobility.

What are the Best Universities in Ghana?

▸ University of Cape Coast.

University of Ghana.

▸ Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

▸ University for Development Studies.

▸ University of Education, Winneba.

▸ Ghana Institute of Management and Public Administration.

▸ University of Mines and Technology.


Is UoPeople Legit? Is it Accredited? Is it Free?

It is a real American university, that much is certain.

The “first non-profit, American-accredited, tuition-free online university” is UoPeople. It holds accreditation from the US Department of Education-recognized Distance Education Accrediting Commission (DEAC).

Is the UoPeople MBA Program Tuition-Free?

It is a real American university, that much is certain.

There are no tuition expenses associated with UoPeople, however, there are course assessment fees and a $60 onetime non-refundable application charge. Each course has a $200 assessment fee. A UoPeople MBA is anticipated to cost $2,940 in total.

Can I Deposit a Check to My Account by Writing ‘for Deposit Only’?

A check made out to you that has “for deposit only” written on the back and your signature can only be put into your account. You should not be able to cash the check because of this “restrictive indorsement,” which is what it is termed.

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When Does One Use the Word ‘Details’ Vs. ‘Detail’?

Use detail if the information, feature, or object is just one. When describing a unit doing a certain duty, be as explicit as possible.

When explaining many facts, characteristics, goods, or a person acting in different ways to achieve a goal, be specific.

What Does ‘Literacy Test’ Mean?

A literacy test evaluates a person’s reading and writing abilities. Numerous governments has given it, especially to immigrants.

Are Online Courses Technically Copyrighted?

You can use copyright to protect an online course or course curriculum. The author of a work owns the copyright to it, according to copyright law.

This is significant for business owners since copyright law protects every creative work produced for your company.

How Recognized is UNSW?

Research university UNSW was founded in 1949 and is now rated 67th globally by Times Higher Education and 44th globally by QS in the 2023 World University Rankings. It is a part of the global network of research institutions known as Universitas 21.

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