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South University Student Portal

South University Student Portal

At South University, we know many individuals see completing a higher education as a significant life achievement.

South University provides a friendly faculty, a multicultural environment, and learning opportunities that best fit your lifestyle to assist more individuals to achieve this goal. Allow us to assist you in achieving a better future.

You may enroll in courses at South University online, on one of our numerous campuses, or through SouthVR, which broadcasts lectures from our physical campuses remotely.

At South University, we create every degree program to help ambitious students reach their full potential by fusing relevant courses, real-world experience, and a professional setting.

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Focused and Flexible Programs

At South University, we created every degree program to help ambitious students reach their full potential by fusing relevant courses, real-world experience, and a professional setting.

1. Nursing Programs

You may improve your nursing profession and grow your abilities by enrolling in one of the many degree programs for nurses.

Study up on RN to BSN programs, MSN programs, postgraduate certifications, and nursing doctoral degrees.

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2. Criminal Justice & Legal Studies Programs

Depending on your interests, the criminal justice and legal studies degrees at South University can help you start or advance your career. They represent two different facets of our legal system.

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Employers may find talented, diligent, competent candidates from South University.

Our legal and paralegal programs will help you become ready for a rewarding profession if you enjoy conducting legal research and creating legal documents.

We can assist you in preparing for a career in criminal justice if you have an interest in forensics, law enforcement, or case investigation.

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3. Healthcare Programs

Students at South University who are interested in achieving their full potential as healthcare professionals will discover that our degree programs provide a well-balanced curriculum of academic, administrative, technological, clinical, and ethical training.

You will be engaged in a course of study with both graduate and undergraduate programs, giving you the groundwork to succeed in several healthcare settings.

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4. Counseling & Psychology

Do you want to know what motivates individuals and why? Bring your compassion and curiosity to South University, where our academic programs were created with you in mind.

You may gain the information and abilities needed to be a person who can make a difference by enrolling in our counseling degree program and psychology degree program.

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You choose your path and what is best for you. Click here.

5. Public Administration

The Master of Public Administration degree program at South University equips you with the organizational and management skills necessary to succeed in a leadership position across local, state, and federal government agencies and nonprofit organizations.

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6. Public Health Programs

Any path you choose to pursue in the health sector with a public health degree is possible.

Opportunities for employment include positions in hospitals, home healthcare services, outpatient care facilities, nursing homes, health insurance firms, and state and federal healthcare programs.

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7. Pharmacy

We created the doctor of pharmacy degree program at South University to offer future practitioners of the pharmacy profession innovative, top-notch postgraduate education.

To satisfy the demands of the profession and society, the role of pharmacists in the medical area is changing and developing.

South University’s Pharmacy program is designed to generate graduates who can maintain high standards of pharmacy practice while also adapting to developments in the field.

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8. Business & Technology Programs

You’ll get specialized attention right away in the business and technology programs at South University.

Our teaching members are highly qualified and carefully chosen, and they are totally devoted to seeing you succeed.

You’ll be asked to explore challenging situations and work out challenging challenges in fascinating, interactive lessons.

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As a graduate, you’ll be prepared to use a completely new set of abilities and experiences to take advantage of any career opportunities that may arise.

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9. Doctor of Ministry (Online)

South University provides both a Standard Track and an Advanced Track option for its online doctor of ministry program.

The curriculum supports the growth of a student’s knowledge of ministry, as well as the development of their ministry abilities and spiritual maturity.

Introductions and overviews of the many disciplines needed for efficient ministry leadership are provided in foundational courses.

South University Campuses

Learn more about the advantages of a college education at any South University site.

Since 1899, South University has made a commitment to the professional, social, intellectual, and personal growth of its diverse student population by assembling a faculty with relevant professional expertise and a student body with a common interest in achieving professional success.

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The south university student portal provides the student with a friendly faculty, a multicultural environment, and learning opportunities that best fit your lifestyle to assist more individuals to achieve this goal.

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