De Anza My Portal

De Anza My Portal allows students of De Anza College access to their registration, program, and records system. In this article, we show you how to access the portal, whether you are a new or returning student.

De Anza My Portal

De Anza My Portal

After being admitted to De Anza College, your eight-digit Campuswide ID, often known as your CWID, or student identification number, will be sent to you via email.

This is the username and password you will use to access My Portal, De Anza’s online student registration and records system.

If you are logging into the De Anza My Portal for the first time, kindly follow the steps below

‣ Please visit https://myportal.fhda.edu.

‣ Enter your eight-digit De Anza College student ID number for your Campuswide ID (CWID).

‣ Enter your birthdate in an eight-digit format, like this: MMDDYYYY, as your password.

(March 5, 1998, for instance, would be 03051998)

‣ A new password creation box will appear, asking you to enter letters, numbers, and no unusual characters.

Remembering this password is very crucial, especially if you don’t have a Social Security number.

Safeguard your CWID and password! You will use them for critical tasks including paying fees, verifying your eligibility for financial help, access your grades, and more.

After logging in, carry out the instructions on the Apply and Register and Registration Steps web pages. De Anza My Portal

A. If You are Unsure of Your CWID

If you don’t know your CWID, then there are options you can follow. Whether you are a new or continuing student, follow the steps below.

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‣ For New Students: After submitting your admissions application, you will get an email with your De Anza student identification number, also referred to as a Campuswide ID or CWID.

‣ For Returning Students: Go to the MyPortal login page at https://myportal.fhda.edu and select “Reset Password” to get your Campus Wide ID back.

Your CWID will be sent to you through email if you follow the instructions on your screen.

You must speak with the Admissions and Records Office if you don’t have a social security number. For the quickest answer, use their online assistance form.

Students with F-1 visas or from abroad should get in touch with the office of International Student Programs. De Anza My Portal

B. If You Have Forgotten Your Password

As a student of De Anza College, if you have forgotten your password, you can follow the steps below to reset it.

‣ Visit https://myportal.fhda.edu to access the MyPortal login page.

‣ Simply select “Reset Password,” then follow the directions on your screen.

You’ll have to provide the following information.

‣ Your real name as it appears on the admissions application

‣ Your date of birth

‣ The last four digits of your Social Security Number (SSN)

You must speak with the Admissions and Records Office if you don’t have a social security number. To get a quick response, use their online assistance form.

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Furthermore, international students can get in touch with the office of International Student Programs. De Anza My Portal

de anza my portal


How Did You Get into UCLA?

You must have a high school GPA of 3.0 (3.4 for non-residents) or better and no grades lower than a C. Courses can also be replaced with SAT subject tests.

If you don’t match the standards, you may still get admitted with a strong ACT/SAT combined with two SAT subject test scores.

UCLA has a 12% acceptance rate, making it one of the most prestigious schools, according to Forbes. For the UCLA Class of 2025, more than 139,000 applicants were received.

UCLA admissions accepted about 31,000 students out of those applications. Despite the fact that UCLA does not have any stated GPA requirements, the typical GPA is 3.95.

De Anza My Portal

Do Ivy League Schools Have a “Dark Side”?

Yes, there is a “dark side” to Ivy League colleges, but there is a “dark side” to many other schools as well, regardless of prestige or position.

You would naturally anticipate being surrounded by intelligent, talented, and ambitious classmates if you were attending an Ivy League university.

However, as the freshman year goes on, you will also notice that they are becoming more nervous and anxious, as well as, as someone once put it, “looking lost.”

The Ivy emblem is a lifelong pass to renown and success.

You would not be wrong if you assumed that the pupils in such a privileged group would naturally feel exceptional and superior to themselves.

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They think they can alter the course of events. They belong to a privileged, elite society, so why not?

However, they also play the role of gladiators in a terrible arena of competition that leaves them depressed and despondent. De Anza My Portal

How Do You Decline a UC Berkeley Offer on the Applicant Portal?

To decline a UC Berkeley offer, do the following

‣ Visit the Berkeley portal to check your application status. 

‣ Then, log in to the portal

‣ Next, go to the Account Tool section

‣ After that, fill out a Withdraw Application Request 

De Anza My Portal

What Was it Like to Be Accepted to UC Berkeley?

UC Berkeley has a weighted GPA of 4.25 or higher, remarkable test scores, outstanding extracurriculars, and a low acceptance rate of under 12%.

UC Berkeley is the University of California system school that is most difficult to get into. De Anza My Portal

Does UC Berkeley Offer Early Action or Early Decision?

Everyone must submit their applications by the same deadlines because UC Berkeley does not offer early action or early decision options.

Due to COVID-19, the UC System has removed the SAT/ACT requirements for Fall 2023 admission. De Anza My Portal

We hope you now fully understand the processes involved in accessing the De Anza My Portal. Kindly share this information with other students of De Anza College who need this.

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