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Kade 2023/2024 Admission Process for applicants who want to start their education journey at Kade Senior High Technical. However, this guide explores the steps involved in securing a place at (KASSTECH).

Kade 2023/2024 Admission Process



Kade High Technical (KASSTECH) is one of the senior high schools in the EASTERN Region at Kade of Kwaebibirem district, Ghana.

Hence, Kade was founded in 1982 with the aim to give citizens who want to study engineering and other related course a platform to begin.


Furthermore, KASSTECH has boarding facilities and also allow day student to come from home.

However, aside from the general science subjects like  Physics,  Chemistry, Elective mathematics, and Biology offered in the school.

There are also General Arts Elective Subjects, Business Elective Subjects, Visual Arts Elective Subjects, Home Economics Elective Subjects, and courses in  Agriculture.

Most importantly, the admission processes are quite simple for pupils who wish to study in the school.


General Admission Process

Below is the admission process at Kade and other technical secondary schools in Ghana:

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Prospective students need to obtain the application form from the specific technical secondary school they are interested in.

Hence, the application form may be available online or from the school’s administrative office.

Eligibility Criteria

Students are required to meet the eligibility criteria set by any school technical secondary he/she wishes to attend.

This usually includes having completed basic education (usually Junior High School) and however, meeting specific academic requirements.

Submission of Application

Applicants need to however complete the application form with accurate personal and academic information.

Hence, it’s also pertinent to attach all relevant documents required by the school.

Entrance Examination

Technical secondary schools often conduct entrance examinations to assess the student’s academic abilities and aptitude for technical subjects.

However, the examination may cover core subjects such as Mathematics, Science, English, and General Knowledge.


Some schools may require applicants to participate in an interview.

Selection and Admission

After the entrance examination and interview, the school’s admission committee evaluates the performance and eligibility of the applicants.

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However, using the results of the entrance examination, a list of selected candidates is prepared. Usually, the admission lists are usually published on the school’s notice board or website.

Acceptance and Registration

Successful applicants are required to accept the admission offer within a specified period.

However, it’s important to note that the specific admission process may vary slightly between different technical secondary schools in Ghana.

Hence, prospective students are advised to visit the school to get more on admission guidelines and related issues.

Admission Tips

1.  Start by researching different technical secondary schools in Ghana. Look into their admission requirements, programs offered, and any specific criteria they may have.

2. Ensure that you meet the basic eligibility criteria set by the technical secondary schools. However, make sure you fulfill these criteria before proceeding with your application.

3. Collect all the necessary documents needed for the application process. Hence, ensure that all your documents are accurate, up-to-date, and well-organized.

4. Fill out the application form accurately and neatly. Pay attention to details and follow the instructions provided by the school.

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5. Adhere to the deadline for submitting your application, however, to avoid delay or rejection.

6. Prepare well for the examination if required in the school you apply to. However, review the subjects and topics covered and practice using previous years’ question papers if available.

7. Some schools may conduct interviews as part of the admission process. If you are selected for an interview, be well-prepared and attend the interview.

8. Obtain recommendation letters from teachers, mentors, or individuals who can attest to your abilities, character, and potential.

9. Highlight relevant skills, such as proficiency in mathematics, science, technology, or hands-on experiences in related fields.

10. Maintain and have a positive attitude.

Finally, Kade 2023/2024 Admission Process requires thorough research, meeting eligibility criteria, submitting accurate documentation, and showcasing relevant skills.

However, by following these guidelines, applicants can increase their chances of securing admission to Kade and pursuing their technical education.


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