Ghana Engineering Students’ Association Launches 360 Engineer Project

Lack of funds remains a bane for potential student entrepreneurs and innovators.



The situation has caused many to abandon their projects.



The Ghana Engineering Students’ Association (GESA) has therefore launched the 360 Engineer Project to curb this trend.


The project comprises of initiatives such as Innovation 101 under which students will get the opportunity to bring their innovations to light through necessary support, training and funding.


The package includes work and study programme and the Entrepreneurship Hub programme which will expose bright students to workspaces in and around campus and funding support for student entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses respectively.

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The president, Kofi Asante Djabatey believes the initiative will better prepare students for the world of work.


“Now the current economic dispensation demands that we find innovative ways to aid our bright students.

“There is an intellectual, worldwide consensus, which you are a part of, that says engineering is the core of all solutions. And if indeed we are the core of all solutions, then we believe that we need to take important steps to achieving a more resilient beginning here.


“I urge all of you to join me and my colleague executives to support our 360 Engineer Project as this would go a long way to help Nana Kwame land an internship opportunity with Genser Energy Company to build upon his potential and lastly, Thomas from Petroleum Engineering could be working with Goil Kentinkrono branch to get some money to aid his stay here on campus,” he explained.


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