UCM UDS Student Portal: Navigating and Utilizing the System

The UCM UDS Student Portal is an important base that offers an abundance of tools and services to help students succeed academically. In this piece, you’re going to get the best steps of using and navigating this great innovation to make sure that both intending and returning students get easy access to their academic activities and educational opportunities.

UCM UDS Student Portal: Navigating And Utilizing the System


UCM UDS Student Portal

The University for Development Studies( UDS) has now launched the University Campus Manager known as the UCM student portal for students of the school to log in.

Hence, the UDS Student Campus Manager is an advanced student portal.


The new upgrade however includes features like an E-Counseling and Guidance tab, information about hall accommodations as well as the schedule on the academic schedule and lecture venues.

Furthermore, the new system can be accessed via the link above with one’s UIN( University pin) as Username and default password.

Hence, you’ll have to change the default password after your first login.

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Finally, with the Username and Password you can access online tutorials, take quizzes and tests, and submit an assignment including downloading course materials.


Benefits and Features of the UCM UDS Student Portal

It is pertinent to note some of the most important benefits and features of the UDS student portal.

Hence, student portals may be used to give information about the institution, special events, course details, timetables, academic resources, and contact information.

Finally, the University for Development Studies, UDS student portal has also integrated with other systems to give students smooth access to personal information.

However, the student portal is involved majorly with the following activities :

1. Acceptance fee payment

2. Downloading your UDS transcript

3. UDS Course Registration

4. Viewing your UDS Admission status and admission letter printing

5. Keeping track of the semester’s academic calendar

6. Checking your semester result

7. Deferment of Admission

8. Applying for extra credit hours

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9. UDS Fees payment, etc.

How Do I Log in and Access the Portal?

1. Open the internet on your device.

2. Kindly visit the UDS student portal link here.

3. Enter your User ID as your Student Number and Password as your National ID, (you can always reset the password).

4. However, you’ll be taken to your homepage if you have a successful login.

5. Hence, click the details as shown on your homepage/dashboard to check both your academic and fee payment progression anytime.

Course Registration

The most fascinating thing about the upgraded UDS Student Portal is that you can register, edit and de-register your semester courses however without stress.

How to Register Courses

1. Open your internet browser

2. Go to UDS E-learning Portal

3. Select Log in

4. Once logged in, go to the page and look for Course Categories. And make your choice.

5. However, you can select your course or check for your course in your department.

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Edit Registered Courses

1. Log in to your account

2. Click on Edit Course Registration.

3. You can however add new courses or change or change the course arrangement.

4. Click Submit.

5. Hence, print out your new registration form and submit it for verification by your department.

How to De-Register Courses

1. Log in to your account

2. Select Edit Course Registration

3. Click on De-register at the bottom.

4. Click OK to confirm your operation

5. And however click re-register to complete the process.

The UCM UDS Student Portal proves to be an invaluable tool for students, offering seamless ways to navigate and a plethora of useful features.

However, by mastering its functionalities and utilizing the system effectively, students can enhance their academic journey and achieve greater success.

Hence, if have read through this piece, you have an edge over other intended or returning students.


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