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Is Double Dating A Right Thing To Do?


A double date or group date is a romantic or social activity involving more than one couple. Double date or double dating may also refer to: … Dual dating or double dating, in historical materials, indicating dates from different dating systems.


“A lady was in a relationship for four years. In that period she was toast and toasted by several guys. As committed she was , she didn’t want to double date. She claimed her love and loyalty for her man. She respected and gave him all his attention. After four years of relationship she waited for the next level but it didn’t come. One fateful day, she was in her house busying with house chores when her friend excitedly came and gave her an invitation card. She collected it and made a check out of who the lucky guy was, surprisingly, it was her friend about to get married to her fiance, something that hid for four years. She was shocked and this was unbelievable to her. This cause lots of depression to her because this was what she didn’t want.


And now, is it right to date one guy/ lady or double date?. 

Dating a single guy or lady now a day is very complicated at a point, because it may happen you don’t know their thoughts if they truly love you. Sometimes while waiting for your intimate friend to propose and someone who’s more serious in you approaches for your hand in marriage you get confused because you are in a relationship and does not know if for you to accept will hurt your partner or if you don’t accept will you be hurt at the end.

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To date more than a guy or lady isn’t a good thing to do and it’s not a bad thing either if you don’t sleep with any of them so that the one that is ready can pick you or you picked.

On a serious note, today’s relationship is not based on love but fatal disappointment because of the indirect thoughts people have about it that’s why when a guy date one girl and she later marry someone else, it becomes heartbreaking and the same is applicable to a lady who focuses on one guy and and surprisingly he got married to someone else. In as much as you don’t need to put your egg in one basket, avoid being hurts because of sticking to one person, and at the same time it’s very good and worthy to be committed and loyal rather than floating in two Rivers when you know they are dangerous if drown ( it’s very dangerous to double date , if they knew about it, it’ll become a big problem between you and them).


If you chose double dating, check this out.

1. Avoid sleeping with any of them.

2. Avoid having sex with any of them.

3. Avoid cuddling with any of them.

4. Be loyal and sincere in all the relationship you are with .


Hint: It’s better they ask your hand in marriage and you made a choice than loosing someone an starting over again.

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I’m not against any but my concern is to avoid having sexual intercourse in any of the two; double dating and single dating.


To guys:

It’s frankly that some ladies has a choice of the man they want; someone peaceful, caring, loving, having understanding and so on, but there is a possibility that you as a person would likely get disappointed if a lady tells you she is in love with someone else when you are ready to settle down with her. The confusion here is that you both didn’t have connections and there was no sincere questions at the beginning like.


• Do you really love me?

• How do you want us to end?

• If I ask your hand in marriage will you see me as the man you will love to spend the rest of your life with?

• Am I valuable in your life?

• Can we make a future together?(they’re very needful for a relationship at a start).

• What are my flaws ( at this point if you accept your flaws and make corrections is better than not admitting it at all, cause no lady loves a guy that doesn’t admit his fault).


Rushing into a relationship without taking a clue to ask those questions can result in heartbreaking.

Then while considering these things, if you are sure dating one girl will likely hurts, there is a tendency for you to double date but make sure there is a connection between you both.


On the opposing side;

Double dating is trying to pull a trigger on your forehead cause you got two weapons you want to strike at. Two sincere hearts can get alone and end in marriage than double dating when there is no sincerity where lies and deceits is the factor. A lady or a guy that double date will definitely lie which is not right. Avoid making a big mistake by floating in a relationship with several men and ladies at the end, you end up marrying one and the other are hurts meanwhile they ignored others because of you.

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So, to my reader, if you are dating now or about to, think about your connection and ask questions at were necessary. Even if you are hurts shouldn’t drive you to think paying back by dating more than one guy or lady so that you eat them up and vomit without swallowing.


On the apposition:

While thinking of which one you want to go, think about involving God first and see his guide and then you will find a strong solace in your relationship that land safely in marriage.


In conclusion:

Any lady you ask out should be who your heart love and any guy that ask you ask should be the one if your heart say yes.

At a point we need to grow out of carnality to a strong inspirational lifestyles; something that connects your heart with what is for you( your partner).

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