Ways To Overcome Sexual Immoralities Among Christian Believers


Sexual immorality is essentially the engagement in sexual acts outside of the sanctity of marriage, the divine union of creating and fostering life. The Bible talks firmly against immorality among Christians which is a major factor that could deny someone from getting to heaven. However, here are some ways by which Christians can overcome sexual immorality.



• Don’t lust after the attractive faces of the opposite sex.


• Be careful on how you laugh and play (in words) with the opposite sex.


• Cancel all sinful thoughts toward the opposite sex.


• In her absence, Don’t consider an opposite sex.


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• Flee from anything close to pornography.


• Eliminate any unnatural connection to an opposite sex.


• Grow in prayer in order to be strong enough to resist immorality.


• Have sacred purity in your body.


• Join your soul and Spirit to the Lord through repentance from sin and faith in Christ.


• Ideas and desires on how to sleep with a woman should be rejected.


• Keeping a good understanding of God’s word will keep you holy, so read it.


• Lay all physical feelings toward a lady or a man to Christ.


• Masturbation is a sin, stop it and avoid it.



• Never you huge an opposite sex who is not your wife


• Overcome the sin of pride and self glory in the presence of opposite sex


• Pray for the grace to exercise self control in the presence of temptation to immorality


• Quit boyfriend and girlfriend dating relationship.


• Reject invitation to commit immorality verbally.


• Sanctify your heart and keep only Jesus in it.


• Take one more person when you are going to visit an opposite sex for follow up.


• Use the blood of Jesus, the name of Jesus against the spirit of immorality.

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• Vain words, corrupt words should be avoided while talking with opposite sex.


• Withdraw yourself from any man or woman who have sexual pull on you.


• Sisters should be careful not to visit a brother’s house alone no matter how spiritual he is.


• Yield not to the disturbances of a brother in the same church for immorality rather report him to church leaders.


• Zero the Sin of Immorality in your life by confessing the one already committed for prayers and counselling.


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