Why Marriages Grow Apart

Growing apart in marriage doesn’t happen overnight. … And when life gets busy, family conflicts, work obligations, health issues, loss of balancing friends and your marriage, etc. can also contribute to drifting apart from your spouse.

Eccl 4:11 “If Two lie TOGETHER, then they have heat”


Prov 26;20 “Where no wood is, the fire growth out”


For the fire of intimacy to remain and be sustained many years after the couple exchanged Wedding vows, that Couple must learn the Law of TOGETHER.


What does that Mean?

Simply put, “The more they do together, the more together they are.”

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“The less they do together, the less together they are.”

Couples must imbibe the habit of doing things together, and fight the things that seek to come in-between them, things like Work, Bills, Friends, phone, tv, even Kids.

Reduce the SEPARATE DEALINGS and increase their TOGETHER DEALINGS.



Eating together creates bonds and presents the couple an opportunity to joke, gist, and do a lot over breakfast, lunch or dinner. Be it at home or outside.



Married couples should avoid sleeping in separate bedrooms except when necessary and do so occasionally.

Sleeping together gives room for settling issues together, increasing intimacy and sexual activities.

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The bedrock of every home must be spiritual. It will bit be good for the Man or the Woman to be the only Spiritual person in the home, this can cause issues.



Have fun together. Do not only have fun with your friends and family and office colleagues, have fun with our Partner too, otherwise your SOCIAL LIFE will be improving will your MARITAL LIFE will be dying.



Both parties should seek to grow financially, Spiritually and otherwise TOGETHER, do not grow and improve in any area of your Life alone, carry your partner along, otherwise you’ll OUTGROW your Partner.

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Do not plan alone, you’re a Team, everyone in a Team has a say, if you turn your Marriage into a SOLE-PROPRIETORSHIP and you assume the Leadership position, you’ll soon find your that the word SOLE means ALONE.



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