How To Make An Amazing Impression On A First Date

Putting yourself out there with somebody you don’t know from Adam can be daunting.

First dates can be unpleasant, but without them, it is impossible to get to know each other.


The first date always determines if there’ll be a second one and particularly, just because one’s wallet isn’t heavy doesn’t mean prospective partners shouldn’t get the chance to spend time together.


Here are 8 easy, affordable, and smart tips for making an amazing first-date impression.


1. Communicate where the date will be

Leave venue surprises for the second or third dates. Maybe your date is vegetarian. Maybe they are Jewish. Maybe they are Muslim. Maybe they used to work where you’re taking them for the first date. You wouldn’t know this till you are getting to know them. Save yourself the stress and communicate beforehand. Heck, that’ll even advise their outfit choice too.



2. Choose the Ideal Outfit

Picking out the right outfit for your debut encounter may seem impossible. Our suggestion? Clean and casual always dies the job. Remember to wear clothes and footwear that make you feel comfortable. And smell good. An Oud perfume oil will wrap up your look in a bough.

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3. Give a casual but respectful greeting when you meet

You’ve probably been chatting or talking on your preferred chat-app of choice but warm greetings are always necessary. Remember to smile, say ‘hello’ and reach out for a quick hug. Throw in a joke, a compliment or two to alleviate tension. Example; “You look even more dashing/exquisite tonight.”


4. Choose a location that has music that comes with the food.

You want a mood and the ambiance always matters with that. Choose your venue wisely but always make sure it is a place that plays music in the background. A smoothie bar, a pizza place, a beach pub; no matter where make sure it’s a place that has music. Something soft and jazzy, if you’re looking to set a romantic evening. Something hip and jive, if you’re looking for a fun and high-energy evening.

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5. Ask your date about their passions

That’s one of the quick ways to know the sort of person you are getting to know. Don’t bombard them with questions. Rather, ask them what they like and build a discussion around that. Listen and allow them to exhaust their response before putting in your passions.


6. Make an offer to split the bill

This may come off conservative but as a gentleman it is always smart to cover the bill for the first date. As a lady it is only wise to offer to split the bill. If they prefer to pay, congratulate them and perhaps offer to somehow get dessert for them the next time (that’s if there’ll be a next time). P.S: ladies, honour your word. Guys never forget.


7. Tell them you’d be interested to go out again.

Don’t front. Don’t lie. Just keep it cute. If you’d want to meet again, bring up one of their passions and mention how you’d like for them to run you through them. Maybe it’s a genre of movie they like. Ask if they’d be alright with a movie night at the cinema. Maybe they like to swim. Ask if they’d be down for giving you swimming lessons one of these days. This will demonstrate your desire to meet them regularly.

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8. Tell your date if you’d like to kiss them when you drop them off.

We are adults. No time for games. Remember courtesy and etiquette as you drop off your date at her residence. Ask if they’d be alright with a good night kiss. Depending on the mood you can go for a quick peck or a tender kiss. Don’t do too much. You want both of you to anticipate the best to come.


Remember to be courteous, show manners, don’t be too formal and don’t forget to address your date by their first name. The last point will hammer down their name and the memory of your first date.


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