A misunderstanding is a strongly disagreement between two or more people in an Organization, Relationship/Courtship, Marriage, Family, Society, School, Office, Community and many more.

In other words, Misunderstanding is the act of not being uniting to a situation or position over a specific period of time.

A misunderstanding is a failure to understand something properly.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.” “If a man cannot understand the beauty of life, it is probably because life never understood the beauty in him.” “We’re all islands shouting lies to each other across seas of misunderstanding.

Misunderstanding is inevitable in Relationship, Marriage, Courtship, Friendship, Partnership, Neighborhood, Family and so on.

But how can one handle or take control of misunderstanding matters alot in every ways and in all ways.

However; If misunderstanding is well managed and controlled in Relationship/Courtship, it will strengthen the Relationship/Courtship, build a strong bond and make it longer and happier than expected. But if poorly managed; it may lead to the destruction of the Relationship/Courtship, and it may mar such relationship anytime, any moment and unexpectedly, which can lead to Emotional Imbalance to both partner in their lifetime.

There will be no way that there won’t be misunderstanding in Relationship/Courtship.

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If there is no misunderstanding, that means the partners are just deceiving each other, there is no true love in the Relationship, it’s just a fake love, that is full of pretense.

The partner only go into the Relationship because of what he/she is deriving or benefiting from the partner such as;


•Money (most especially ladies)


•Benefiting in his/her knowledge.


•Reputation and lots more.

But when having misunderstanding as married elites, during this period; please try to avoid using sex as a weapon (do not deny him/her of sex as and at when needed)

Don’t forget, your body is no longer yours alone whenever you’re into Relationship/Courtship.

Although, sex may not be realistic and enjoyable during misunderstanding period.

The two party might not be interested because of the mood/disagreement between them at that moment in a particular time they may be. But if any is interested, please do not deny him/her of the pleasure.

Infact, it can serve as an antidote to the misunderstanding between both partner and lead them back to their peaceful and enjoyable life.

Denying of sex during misunderstanding is a sign of immaturity and carelessness.

The carelessness I mean is that;

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In a situation when there is misunderstanding and you deny your partner of sex. It may foster him/her to be cheating and be copulating with someone else outside the Relationship/Courtship

To be mindful; this step is really a bad idea or wrong step when having misunderstanding with your partner, cause it may results to the following;

(1) It may leads to contacting various diseases such as; HIV/AIDS, STDS, and so on.

(2) It may lead to unwanted Pregnancy.

(3) This decision can push a partner away that may lead to remarrying or getting engage with someone else outside the Relationship/Courtship.

And If possible you ignored him/her because of anger, do not ignore call to sex for a very long time before you think over and satisfy him/her for that particular period.

If you are married or into Relationship/Courtship (males mostly)

Do not refuse to eat the food prepared by your wife.

As you know, it’s painful for your wife/partner to take her time and energy to cook for you, only for you to arrive home and you decided not to even taste a tea spoon not to talk of eating it at all.

Hello Sir; It is a total childish behavior if you refuse your wife meal because of misunderstanding.

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Stop it if you have being doing so before, the earlier the best.

Hi Ma; it is a sign of immaturity if you fails to cook for your husband because of misunderstanding.

How to avoid Misunderstandings.

(1) Communicate clearly, stick to the key points

(2) Focus on the conversation at hand.

(3) Clear up your mind, stop hiding your thoughts and feelings.

(4) Be an active listener.

(5) Don’t rely on third party information.

(6) Always trust your partner.

(7) Be humble, kind and loyal.

(8) Think before you speak.

Cause a statement/words is like a glass or an egg, once fallen; can never be one again.

Once hurting, it can never be cool.

(9) Getting the attention of the listener.

(10) Understanding body language.

The only sure solution to avoiding misunderstandings is to communicate often. Communicate frequently. Communicate more than you think is necessary. The greater the communication between people, the greater the connection, the greater the understanding.

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