Africa Research University Cut Off Points 2023/2024

Looking for accurate information about Africa Research University cut-off points for various courses? Continue reading to also learn about the courses offered at the university

Africa Research University Cut Off Points 20232024

Africa Research University Cut-Off Points

Before securing admission to study any course at the Africa Research University, ARU Zambia, there are specific criteria that need to be fulfilled.

One of these crucial requirements involves meeting the prescribed cut-off points designated for each school and respective courses.

Achieving the required cut-off score for a particular course streamlines the admission process significantly. Africa Research University’s Cut Off Points play a pivotal role in the admission process.

They serve as a determining factor for both the acceptance of candidates into the university and the specific courses they’re offered.

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The following are the marks to consider before applying for Admission to any academic program available at ARU for the 2023/2024 Academic Year.

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Africa Research University Cut-Off Points Ratio (Male: Female)

The Authority of the ARU releases fresh cut-off points every academic year for Academic Programmes based on gender.

Africa Research University, ARU Cut Off Points as released on the institution’s official website. Check the cut-off points below:

1. Bachelor of Science Non-Quota [Natural Science] (06:06)

2. B.A (Bachelor of Arts) Non-Quota [HSS] (06:07)

3. Bachelor of Social Work (07:09)

4. BMC (Bachelor of Mass Communication) (07:08)

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5. Bachelor of Arts with Education (07:10)

6. B.E. (Bachelor of Education) Environmental (08:10)

7. Bachelor of Education in Zambian Cultures & Ceremonies (13:17)

8. The Bachelor of Agriculture Sciences with Education (09:12)

You can also check out ARU admission requirements and how to apply.

Courses Offered in the Africa Research University

The University offers a rich array of courses across different disciplines. From business and humanities to science and technology, the university caters to various interests.

Here are some of the sought-after programs and their corresponding cut-off points:

1. Business and Economics:

  • BSc in Business Administration
  • BA in Economics

2. Engineering and Technology:

  • BEng in Computer Science
  • BSc in Electrical Engineering
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3. Arts and Humanities:

  • BA in Literature
  • BFA in Fine Arts

4. Science and Research:

  • BSc in Biology
  • Then BSc in Chemistry

Your journey to the University begins with understanding the cut-off mark, but it’s your passion and determination that will propel you toward success.

Best of luck on this exciting academic adventure!

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