American University Washington College Of Law LLM Scholarship

American University Washington College Of Law LLM Scholarship Opportunities in the USA 2023/2024 is a great deal for Applicants to apply. Hence, these LLM Scholarship opportunities only apply to tuition costs, because funds are limited, scholarships will be granted mainly to applicants that apply early. However, this piece will cover all you might want to know about this scheme.

American University Washington College Of Law LLM Scholarship Opportunities in USA 2023/2024


American University Washington

The American University Washington College of Law is the law school of the American University.

Hence, the college is founded on the western side of Tenley Circle in the Tenleytown section of Northwest Washington, D.C., one block south of the Tenleytown-AU Metro station.


Furthermore, the college is fully accredited by the American Bar Association and is a member of the AALS.

Established in 1896, Washington College of Law was the first law school founded by women, the first with a female dean, and the first to graduate an all-female class.

Nevertheless, the college’s Master of Laws (LL.M.) program was rated 13th nationally in the 2015 AUAP rankings.

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The Brian Leiter Law School rankings rated the Washington College of Law 47th in the 2015 Top 70 Law Faculties in Scholarly Impact.


Moreover, National Jurist rated the college the fifth-best law school for Hispanic students in 2008.

It also rated Washington College of Law as the nation’s 4th best public interest law school.

However, Washington College of Law maintains programs in both human rights and public interest law.

College Of Law LLM Scholarship Opportunities

The College of Law offers exceptional LLM Scholarship Opportunities, empowering aspiring legal scholars to pursue their academic dreams.

And we are also fostering excellence, and shaping the future of the legal profession.

The College Equal Justice Foundation (EJF) provides scholarships to students who acquire unpaid summer internships with public interest organizations.

Still, the college’s study abroad program is regarded to be among the best in the country, with 30% of the student body studying abroad every year.

In 2015, the National Jurist identified it as one of the “most robust study abroad programs out of the 200 U.S. Law Schools.”

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Scholars can study law for a semester in over 18 countries.

Click Here to Apply.

 Scholarship Worths 

1. The LLM Scholarship Opportunities cover 100% of Tuition Fees.

2. Candidates may apply for only one scholarship category.

3. Offers summer abroad programs in Chile, Europe (London, Paris, Geneva, and The Hague), Turkey, and Israel.

Eligibility for American University Washington LLM Scholarship

To be eligible for LLM Scholarship Opportunities, candidates are expected to meet the following conditions:

1. You must be a domestic or international student.

2. Applicants from developing countries or diverse or disadvantaged backgrounds.

3. Also, Scholars with a displayed commitment to the public interest or government work after graduation;

4. High-achieving students who demonstrate academic severity and dedication to the field of international copyright law

5. Hence, outstanding LL.M. students with the possibility of becoming leaders in their respective area(s) of interest or practice.

6. High-performing students who demonstrate academic rigor and commitment to the field of public interest.

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7. The American University Washington College of Law is pleased to offer LLM Scholarship Opportunities to help professionals who display financial need.

And also have high academic merit and qualify for any of the scholarships.

How to Apply for American University Washington LLM Scholarship

To be regarded for LLM Scholarship Opportunities, all candidates are automatically assessed for a Merit Scholarship when they submit their application.

Hence, learn more about the vast array of scholarships and programs offered by the LL.M. Programs at American University Washington College of Law.

Send the application to the School website. Or Click Here to Apply.

Finally, make sure you apply for this scholarship correctly, if you have any challenges while applying.

However, contact support and create a support ticket, your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

Hence, if you have read through this piece, nothing should stop you from exploring this information you have.


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