Harvard University Academy Scholars Program in USA 2023/2024

The Harvard University Academy Scholars Program recognizes and supports excellent scholars at the start of their careers whose work merges disciplinary excellence in the social sciences or law with a  history or culture of countries or regions outside of the United States or Canada. However, benefits, and eligibility criteria, and how to apply for this scheme shall be the focus point of this piece.

Harvard University Academy Scholars Program In USA 2023/2024


Harvard University Academy Scholars 

Their scholarship may inspire domestic, comparative, or transnational issues, past or present.


However, the Harvard University Academy Scholars are a select community of individuals with resourcefulness, initiative, curiosity, and originality.

Hence, those whose work in cultures or regions outside of the US or Canada shows promise as a foundation for outstanding careers in major universities or international institutions.

Its curriculum and student body were slowly secularized during the 18th century, and by the 19th century, it had appeared as the central cultural establishment among the Boston elite.

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Furthermore, this scholarship is the design of Harvard University which came as the result of the serious effects caused by the Second World War.


Hence, the endowment income helps promote the undergraduate college to admit students regardless of financial need and provides abundant financial aid with no loans.

The Harvard Library is the world’s largest academic library system, composing 79 individual libraries holding about 20.4 million items.

Scholarship Benefits

Postdoctoral Harvard University Academy Scholars Program will receive an annual stipend of $70,000.


However, if selected before earning the Ph.D., the Students will receive an annual stipend of $35,000 until awarded the Ph.D.

Hence, this stipend is supplemented by funding for conference and research travel, research assistants, and health insurance coverage.

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Eligibility for Harvard University Academy Scholars Program

1. The competition for the Harvard University Academy Scholars Program is open only to recent Ph.D. (or comparable professional school degree) recipients and doctoral candidates in the social sciences or law.

2. Hence, those still pursuing a Ph.D. should have completed their routine training and be well along in the writing of their theses before applying to become Academy Scholars.

3. Finally, if you are through with a Ph.D. program, the Ph.D. completion date must be within three years of the October 1 application deadline.

Hence, for candidates applying for the October 1, 2023 deadline, you must have completed your Ph.D. or equivalent by September 30, 2018.

How to Apply 

All application documents for the Harvard University Academy Scholars Program are to be sent to the school by the deadline of October 1.

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Hence, for more information about the scholarship application process visit the school websites.

Application Requirements

1. A cover letter that briefly states the applicant’s academic field, country or region of specialization, and proposed research topic

2. Curriculum vitae (CV) or resumé; including a list of publications

3. Research proposal (2500 words maximum); including intellectual objectives and planned methodological and disciplinary work

4. A copy of your Ph.D. program transcript

5. Three letters of recommendation (uploaded through the online application)

Click Here to Apply.

Finally, make sure you apply for this scholarship correctly. Hence, contact the support and create a support ticket, and your problem will be solved as soon as possible.

However, make sure you explore the information that have read to ease your application process at the Harvard University Academy Scholars scheme.


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