Outlook 365 Login Portal

Do you want to learn more about the outlook 365 login portal? This account is to manage your subscription and install or reinstall Office when necessary. This account is often a Microsoft account, a work account, or a student account, depending on your product.

Outlook 365 Login Portal



Outlook 365 Login Portal

Your Office product includes a linked account for every Microsoft 365 subscription and several more recent non-subscription versions of Office (released in 2015 and later).


Using this account, you may access and manage your subscription as well as install or reinstall Office as necessary.

This account often corresponds to a Microsoft account, a work or school account, or both, depending on your product.

Manage your Microsoft 365 subscription

Your Office product has an associated account for all Microsoft 365 subscriptions and several more recent non-subscription versions of Office (released in 2015 and later).

You log in to using this account to manage your subscription and install or reinstall Office as necessary.


This account is often a Microsoft account, a work account, or a student account, depending on your product.

Log in to Your Account’s Dashboard

Maybe you’ll be asked to sign in. Make sure you login in using the Microsoft 365 or Office account.

1. Open Word or Excel on your PC, or go to

2. If you’re using a desktop app, click your name (or profile image) in the upper-right corner. If you’re on, click the navigation header.

3. Choose the My Microsoft account link for Microsoft accounts. Select the option labeled “View account” for accounts for work or education.

4. The next thing you may do depends on whether you are logged in with a Microsoft account, a work or school account, or both. You are then transported to the dashboard for your account.

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Choose the tab for the account type you’re logged in with from the list below.

Work or School Account

Selecting the View account link will take you to the My Account page for your organization if you’re logged in with a work or school account.

Here you can use the left navigation to:

▸View your Microsoft 365 subscription and any additional licenses your administrator issued you.

▸Install or reinstall the most recent desktop version of Office or another Office software, such as Project or Visio, by choosing Install status.

If your administrator has given you a license and given you permission to self-install, you will see an install option.


Microsoft account

Selecting the My Microsoft account option will take you to the Microsoft account dashboard if you’re logged in with a Microsoft account.

You may manage your Microsoft account and any linked Microsoft products through your account dashboard.

Select Services & subscriptions from the dashboard’s top navigation header. You can see all of the Microsoft products connected to this account here.

For Office versions without a subscription (Office 2015 and newer) Search for your product and choose Install. To install or reinstall the desktop applications, follow the instructions.

Choose Install premium Office programs for Microsoft 365 Family or Personal subscriptions, then follow the on-screen instructions to install or reinstall the desktop apps.

Select Manage from the menu to the right of the subscription name. Here are some options:

▸Use a prepaid card or code to renew

▸Get rid of a subscription

▸Turn on or off recurring payments

▸You may start sharing your Microsoft 365 Family subscription, as well as add or remove users from your existing sharing lists.

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You’ll also be able to see who is sharing Microsoft 365 with you if you aren’t the subscription’s owner, and you may cancel your membership.

Manage Payment and Billing for Microsoft 365

All of your Microsoft subscriptions including your Microsoft 365 account can be seen and managed in one location.

Your subscription’s billing information will vary depending on whether you have a Microsoft 365 home or business plan.

To handle the payment and billing for your company’s membership, you must be the Microsoft 365 admin if you have a Microsoft 365 business plan.

Renew Microsoft 365 for Home

This article explains how to renew your Microsoft 365 Family or Microsoft 365 Personal subscription and what you can do after you renew.

Check out Add, amend, or delete credit cards and other ways to pay if you need assistance managing your payments.

Before renewing, you may compare costs by visiting Choose the best Microsoft 365 for you.

Microsoft 365 for company administrators: See For most premium Microsoft 365 for business subscriptions, renew your membership.

Steps to Renew your Microsoft 365 Subscription:

1. To renew, visit

2. Select the subscription you wish to continue and then pick one option below:

▸Renew today to pay for Microsoft 365 for an entire year. Outlook 365 Login Portal

▸To pay for a month at a time, renew with a monthly membership for $X.XX.

To assist you cancel your Microsoft 365 membership or select a better plan to suit your needs, we advise to get in touch with a support advocate.

1. Visit the Manage subscription page and be sure you sign in using the same Microsoft account that you used to buy your Microsoft 365 subscription, if requested.

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2. Choose “Cancel subscription” (or it might say, Upgrade or cancel).

3. Turning off recurring billing will allow you to complete the canceling process, so follow the directions on the page. Visit the Microsoft Store Terms of Sale to get a detailed description of our cancellation policy.

Can We Log Into Office 365 from Any Computer?

Any device, including personal Windows/Mac laptops, tablets, phones, and any device with an installed browser or Outlook client, may access Office 365.

This includes devices not owned by businesses. You only need a login and password to use Office 365.

What is Office 365 and How Can it Help Students?

Office 365 offers opportunities for educators and students to collaborate with people all around the world.

Educators can share data using PowerPoint, Excel, or Word and use organizing that remaining parts predictable.

Whether it’s with a school around or halfway around the world, they can collaborate continuously.

Teachers can also provide online courses and coaching using collaborative tools.

What is the Difference Between Outlook and Office 365?

Ms. Outlook, SharePoint Online, Lync Online, Exchange Online, and other services are provided by Office 365.

Outlook is an email program that runs on a desktop. In order to use and manage data effectively, a suitable platform is needed.

In today’s world, both technologies are widely used and have many similarities.

Through collaboration technologies, outlook 365 enables you to share mailboxes, calendars, contacts, and edit documents in real time.

Exchange calendar sharing allows you to know who is available when, allowing you to organize meetings that are convenient for everyone the first time around.

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