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Why Does My Sassa Status Check Say Failed?


Sassa status check failed, there’s a strong probability that you gave the incorrect information if your SASSA Status Check shows “failed” and you haven’t heard from SASSA after submitting your application. please read on to know why and how to correct it. 

sassa status check failed

Why Does My Sassa Status Check Say Failed?

If the supplied information is not present in the system or registered in the system, the “Failed” status is displayed on SASSA’s electronic applications.


If this occurs, it signifies that your application was not successfully processed and sent to you. A second application should typically be sent directly to SASSA using their SMS alert response service whenever there is an update.


This is a regular method for SASSA to verify that your information is accurate or for you to provide additional information regarding the information that may have changed since submitting your first application.

Reasons for the Error SASSA Status Check Failed

The “SASSA Status Check Failed” error notice may appear on the SASSA Status Check platform for a number of reasons. Ordinary causes include, in the midst of others:

  • The SASSA Status Check website could have technical difficulties.
  • Invalid login information
  • incorrect information on a bank account
  • information missing from the application
  • canceled or suspended grants
  • data validation mistake


How to Fix the Error SASSA Status Check Failed

You may take a few measures to fix the problem if the “SASSA Status Check Failed” error message appears. Please follow these steps to rectify your challenge:

  • Check to see if there are any technical difficulties with the SASSA Status Check website. You will have to wait until the website is back online before you can access your information if it is down.
  • Make sure you’ve entered the proper login information. Your SASSA reference number, ID number, and password are all included here. By following the instructions on the SASSA Status Check page, you can reset your password if you’ve forgotten it.
  • Check to ensure the bank account details associated with your SASSA account are accurate. In order to handle payments and ensure that your award is placed into the proper account, SASSA uses this information. You can get in touch with SASSA to amend your bank account information if necessary.
  • Make sure all the information on your application is accurate and current. Incomplete or inaccurate information on your application may prevent SASSA from processing your award.
  • Verify to see whether your grant has been revoked or put on hold. For a number of reasons, including failure to adhere to the grant’s terms and conditions, SASSA may suspend or terminate awards. You must speak with SASSA to resolve any issues if your grant has been revoked or suspended.



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