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How do I Get a Reconsideration for Sassa?


Sassa reconsideration, everyone is interested in learning how the Sassa reconsideration application procedure operates. We will explain what you must do to ensure that you get a reconsideration for Sassa.

sassa reconsideration


If your SRD or Sassa grant application was rejected, you have 30 days to request a reconsideration. This must be accomplished by submitting a fresh application together with new supporting documentation.


If you want to apply with the same form and supporting materials, you must pay an additional R500 processing charge.

Additionally, a new SRD application form is accessible on all official websites and mobile apps.

The Sassa Application for Reconsideration

Before allowing an appeal, the Sassa board has stated that it will review any rejected applications. Rejected applicants may challenge the decision following the procedure outlined in the circulars.

Although the majority of these rejections are still unjustified, it is crucial for people and business owners whose applications were denied because of eligibility issues or past payments to understand why.


Over 2.5 million candidates have received grant money from COVID-19 so far. This shows that there have been no significant issues during the UIF verification process.

Furthermore, the government has made additional information accessible on the agency’s website.

Reconsideration application processing was finished from May 2024 to March 2024, and payments will come next.


How do I Get a Reconsideration for Sassa?

You might be asking why Sassa-related reconsiderations are so frequent. However, there are two causes for this:

First, you must preserve a copy of your message and continue applying every month regardless of whether your application is accepted or rejected.

You must continue requesting reconsideration on the website:

Which implies that all of your records will be maintained. Second, if your circumstances have changed since you initially applied or if you have previously applied, Sassa may decide that it is not appropriate for them to consider your request again.

Online applications for your Grant Reconsideration

A fast and easy way to get a reconsideration for Sassa  can be submitted in the following ways:

  • Online applications are available on the website:
  • Click “Click here for reconsideration” on the screen that contains the application for review.
  • Next, you must supply an ID document and your phone number.
  • The directions must be followed in order to finish the consideration process.

Submit your Application by Phone for Consideration

Call the following number to get a reconsideration for Sassa

If you have questions or problems, a Sassa administrator can support you. You can also contact Sassa’s customer service department by calling 0800 60 10 11, then selecting option 3.

After speaking with the expert who will help revise your application, proceed with the remaining stages as directed by you.

Get Sassa Reconsideration Through Regional Email Addresses

It is expedient you must submit an email with your personal information and your application to the province where you now live in order to request a review.

When submitting your application, be sure to click the option that says “Notify us by email as well” and include these details in the body of your email.

The email addresses listed below can register your objection. By subscribing to email notifications, you may also find out how your request is making progress.

Phone: 043-707-6335

Province: Eastern Cape



The Province: Free State

Phone number: 051- 4108339



The Province: Gauteng

Phone number: 011- 241 8320



Province: Kwazulu-Natal

Phone number: 033 -846 3400



The Province: Limpopo

Phone number: 015- 2917509



Province: Mpumalanga

Telephone: 013 -754 9446



The Province: Northwest

Phone number: 018 -388 4006



The Province: Northern Cape

Phone number: 053 -802 4919



The Province: Western Cape

Phone number: 021-4690235




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