Why Relationship Fails



Reasons why nowadays relationships ain’t lasting anymore.

When come to relationship, one thing is very easy, falling in love is easy but making the relationship to last long is difficult.

Many people have spent decades creating the perfect partner in their minds.

Some of them get so specific on surface criteria ( height, weight, eye color, car they drive, income level, what kind of music they like, habit, hubby etc.) that I know they have a slim chance of meeting this person unless they actually build them in a factory by themselves.

Relationship not lasting this days because we start loving someone without knowing much about them, the more you fall in love with who you don’t know anything about, the more the outcome may backfire, some people even call it; “love at first sight”.

We have too much Pride,we don’t apologize to each other when we are wrong we focus more on unnecessary things.

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We don’t communicate.

We don’t make time and we don’t give each other attention properly.

We listen to rumours and believe them without making researches.

When both online but pride won’t let us talk to each other.

We spend more time with our friends not our partner.

No respect, we take each other for granted.

Relationships don’t last anymore because people are not willing to sacrifice a part of themselves for someone else or make comprises needed to make a relationship work out. If you truly love someone you will put the work in to make sure your partner feels secure, loved and needed any time any moment. At times it will not be easy, but the payoff is a life long friend, lover and companion for life.


Lack of Trust is one of the major reasons why relationships fail.

It can be a nagging doubt of emotional infidelity, unreasonable rigidity to a physical affair or something that just doesn’t feel right about the situation.

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Over time, these unresolved trust issues grow deeper resulting in a relationship breakdown.


Ego one of the things making nowadays relationships to failed. People egoism can destroy their beautiful relationship if not careful.

Nowadays a lot cheats, they find nothing wrong on cheating on their partner, It’s so easy to cheat and be unfaithful these days. It’s so easy to engage in third party relations. This mentality causing relationship failing to last long.

This days many people dating for fun rather than commitment, there’s no way a man or woman who come for fun will stay with you forever, they are in a relationship with you for fun. Nowadays people find hard to commit in a relationship.

Over expectation one is the reason why so many relationships fail before they even begin. High expectations that come from fairy tales. The best thing about life is that you never know what happens next and relationships should not be an exception to that.

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Sometimes the problem might be that you aren’t giving each other personal space and that is a relationship killer. Everyone needs personal space and need some alone time every once in a while.


These days everyone wants to be seen as a tough man and woman and no one wants to compromise. Nowadays man and woman prefers to take the easy way out by quitting instead of compromising. Nowadays man and woman see compromise as being weak. This attitude is making so many relationships fail every single day.



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