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How healthy egoism can help your personality develop

It may not feel flattering if someone labels you selfish. However, this aspect of your personality might actually help you grow as a person. It is human nature to prioritize our own wants. However, this instinct has a bad rep and is associated with negative feelings such as fear and blame.


Examine how healthy egoism can help your personality develop and shine.

1. In order to be happy, you must care for yourself. When left alone, people who interfere with your alone time may feel bored or sad. And if you don’t feel like sharing your “quiet hours” with anyone else right now, then you have a right to enjoy yourself alone.

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2. It’s fine to follow a path that differs from others’ opinions. You can choose not to marry, have children, or even work a profession that most people would consider typical. Making a choice for someone else may be selfish, but making a choice for yourself just implies you know what you want from your life.

3. Along with caring for others, it’s necessary to care for yourself, as you should love yourself as much as you love others. Even if it is selfish, you should know that pleasure is your primary goal, thus if that extra pair of shoes will make you happy, you should get them.

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4. It’s time to relax when you’re fatigued emotionally, intellectually, or physically. Sometimes it’s all about sleep. Consequences of sleep deprivation include trouble focusing, immune system weakness, and memory impairments. But we keep going to avoid offending others.

Other times when you were accused of being selfish when you weren’t, please share.


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