Wesley Girls High School: A Leading Institution in Girls’ Education

Wesley Girls High School is a renowned girls’ school located in Cape Coast, Ghana. Read on to learn more about its history, academics, admission requirements, and achievements.

Wesley Girls High School


Wesley Girls High School

Wesley Girls High School, also known as WGHS, is a renowned all-girls high school in Cape Coast, Ghana.

It was founded in 1836 by the Methodist Church. And has since provided girls from all backgrounds with a top-notch education.


WGHS is committed to its students’ overall development, placing a strong emphasis on academic achievement, character building, and leadership skills.

Here, we will examine Wesley Girls High School’s history and its effects on women’s education.

Is Wesley Girls a Category A School?

Yes, Wesley Girls High School is a Category A school in Ghana. Ghanaian schools are into different categories. That is according to their academic standing, facilities, and other elements.

Category A schools are the top-tier schools in Ghana, with excellent facilities and a strong academic record.


Also, the admissions process for these schools is extremely tough. And pupils are often admitted based on their academic performance on the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE).

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Wesley Girls High School’s status as a Category A school is a testament to its reputation as a leading institution in girls’ education in Ghana.

Academics and Curriculum

A wide range of academic options is available at Wesley School to help students get ready for college and the working world.

The academic program of the school is demanding and includes courses in math, science, social studies, English, and Ghanaian languages.

Additionally, WGHS offers elective subjects such as Economics, Geography, and Government. The school’s academic program is to challenge students intellectually and foster a love of learning.

Admission Requirements 

If you’re considering enrolling your daughter at Wesley Girls, it’s important to know the admission requirements and the application process.


The student must have passed the Basic Education Certificate Examination (BECE). And also received marks that satisfy the school’s entrance standards in order to be eligible for admission to Wesley Girls High School.

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The student must also meet the age requirement, which is usually between 13 and 15 years old.

Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for Wesley Girls High School include the following:

1. Completed application form (obtained from the school).

2. Certified copy of the student’s BECE results.

3. Birth certificate or passport as proof of age.

4. Two passport-sized photographs of the student.

5. Medical report from a certified medical practitioner.

Application Process

You must get an application form from Wesley Girls High School in order to apply for admission. The form must be turned in along with all required supporting papers to the administrative office of the institution before the deadline.

As part of the admissions procedure, the institution may also administer an entrance exam and conduct an interview.

Character Building and Leadership Development

At Wesley Girls High School, character building and leadership development are an essential part of the school’s ethos. The school aims to develop students who are responsible, ethical, and compassionate.

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WGHS promotes extracurricular involvement in activities like sports, music, drama, and debate to help students develop their confidence and leadership skills.

A great system is in place at the school for choosing pupils to act as leaders and role models for their fellow classmates.

Impact on Women’s Education

Wesley Girls High School has had a significant impact on women’s education in Ghana and beyond. Many accomplished women who have made significant contributions to society came out of the school.

WGHS has also inspired many other all-girls schools in Ghana and has been a role model for other African countries.

Young women are empowered and better prepared for 21st-century challenges thanks to the school’s dedication to academic success, character development, and leadership training.

If you’re looking for a quality education for your daughter, Wesley Girls High School is definitely worth considering.


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