Ghana Education Service: Providing Quality Education for All

Learn the newest information on Ghana Education Service and the policies, programs, and projects that have an impact on education in Ghana. Find out how the Ghana Education Service’s services can benefit you now.Ghana Education Service

Ghana Education Service

The Ghana Education Service is a government agency that oversees and coordinates all educational activities in Ghana.


The organization is in charge of carrying out the policies and plans that promote the provision of high-quality education to all Ghanaians.

The main responsibility of the organization is to guarantee that every kid in Ghana has access to basic education.


This includes offering free basic education, making sure teachers are well-trained and motivated, and creating an inviting environment for learning.

The Education Service is also in charge of managing the country’s tertiary education system, ensuring that universities and colleges provide high-quality instruction that meets international standards.

Ghana Education Service Programs

The GES has four (4) main programs, which are as follows:

1. Management of pre-tertiary education, encompassing Headquarter Divisions, Regional Directorates, and District Directorates.


2. The elementary, middle, and junior high schools that make up basic education.

3. Including senior high school (SHS) and technical and vocational education training (TVET), secondary education.

4. The Special and Inclusive Education.

Functions of the Education Service

The functions of GES are as follows:

1. To deliver and manage special education, technical education, and basic education (pre-tertiary).

2. Another is to encourage the effectiveness and full development of each member’s talents.

3. To perform any additional tasks that are necessary to achieve the aforementioned functions.

4. Also to uphold the organization’s personnel’s conduct and professional standards.

5. To find and hire talented teachers and support staff.

How is the Ghana Education Service Improving Education in Ghana?

In order to enhance education in Ghana, the Ghana Education Service (GES) has developed a number of programs, including:

Free Senior High School Education

All Ghanaian students now receive senior high school instruction for free thanks to a policy that was put into place by the Education Service in 2017.

Ghana Accountability for Learning Outcomes Project (GALOP)

A program called GALOP aims to raise learning outcomes in schools all around Ghana. The project promotes the creation of instructional materials and offers training to teachers and school administrators.

National School Feeding Program

The National School Feeding Program provides free meals to students in public schools across Ghana to encourage regular attendance and improve learning outcomes.

The Capitation Grant

A government program called the Capitation Grant funds elementary schools to increase access to education for kids from low-income families.

How to Benefit from the Education Service

There are many ways for you to gain from the services provided by the Education Service if you work in the education system in Ghana as a student, teacher, or another stakeholder. Here are a few of them:

Accessing Educational Resources

They offer students and teachers access to educational resources including textbooks, teaching and learning aids, and online learning environments.

Applying for Scholarships

The Ghana Education Service provides scholarships to Ghanaian students to study in local and international universities.

Participating in Teacher Training Programs

They offer teacher training programs that help teachers improve their skills and knowledge.

Collaborating with the Agency

Education stakeholders in Ghana can collaborate with the Ghana Education Service to develop and implement policies and initiatives that support the provision of quality education.

The Ghana Education Service plays a critical role in the provision of quality education in Ghana. The organization has persisted in trying to enhance the nation’s educational system in the face of severe obstacles.


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