All Nations University: The Hidden Gem of Higher Education

Explore All Nations University, Ghana’s premier private institution offering engineering, business, and computer science programs. Learn about faculty, facilities, research, and student life. Discover more now.All Nations University

All Nations University

All Nations University, which was founded under the All Nations International Development Agency (ANIDA) in 1996, distinguished itself through its constant spirit of innovation and dedication to forging routes where others would only dare to dream.


The Eastern Region’s main city of Koforidua is home to the private Christian university college All Nations University College (ANUC).

With more than 3500 students enrolled and located on a beautiful 1000-acre campus on the outskirts of Koforidua, Eastern Region.


ANUC spurred rapid growth throughout our neighborhood via continual innovation, a commitment to improvement, and quick problem-solving skills.

Academic Programs Offered

All Nations University offers a variety of academic programs across its faculties. These faculties include:

1. Faculty of Engineering

2.  The faculty of Business and Law


3. Faculty of Health and Applied Sciences

4. Humanities and Social Sciences Faculty

The university also offers postgraduate degrees in a variety of fields, including engineering, business, and law.

Visit the school’s website to find out more.


For the competitive admissions process at ANU, prospective students must meet both academic and non-academic standards.

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Candidates for admission must submit their academic records, letters of recommendation, and personal statements.

Also, ANU provides financial aid and scholarships to qualified students. Based on academic achievement and financial need, these scholarships and aid packages are given out.

Admissions Requirements

To be admitted to All Nations University, prospective students are required to meet the university’s minimum requirements. These include:

1. Senior Secondary School Certificate Examination (SSSCE) with a minimum grade of C6 in three core subjects and three elective subjects.

2. Also, west African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE) with a minimum grade of C6 in three core subjects and three elective subjects.

3. Another is the General Certificate of Education (GCE) with passes in three core subjects and three elective subjects.

4. IB diploma with a minimum of 24 points, the international baccalaureate.

Visit the school’s website to find out more.

Here are some crucial considerations to bear in mind if All Nations University is your intended destination for further education:

1. The university’s admissions procedure is quite difficult, so make sure to submit your application well in advance and focus on the entrance examinations.

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2. Also, explore all of your options and submit your application as soon as possible since All Nations University provides a variety of scholarships and financial aid opportunities for qualifying students.

3. Additionally, you can feel at home and flourish academically and socially thanks to the university’s extensive support system for international students, which includes orientation programs, language classes, and cultural events.


Modern facilities are available at ANU to assist its academic programs. Modern classrooms, labs, libraries, and computer centers are available at the university.

The campus has high-speed internet access, and students can use learning management systems and other online resources.

Also, sports facilities at ANU additionally include a football field, basketball court, and volleyball court.

The school supports students’ participation in extracurricular sports and other activities to help them grow as people and athletes.

Research and Innovation

The mission of All Nations University is to advance scientific inquiry and technological innovation across a range of disciplines.

In addition to others, the university has created research centers in water resource management, nanotechnology, and renewable energy.

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The organization also supports a number of conferences and seminars throughout the year. That is to promote knowledge and idea exchange among academics and researchers.


The All National University is dedicated to giving students chances to get real-world experience and apply their knowledge.

Also, the institution provides co-op programs and internships that let students collaborate with business partners and earn useful professional experience.

Furthermore, students can participate in foreign exchange programs and team research projects thanks to ANU’s affiliations with several universities and research organizations across the world.

Campus Life

ANU has a vibrant campus life that is characterized by diversity, inclusivity, and cultural exchange.

Also, the university has students from different countries, religions, and cultures, which provides a rich and dynamic learning environment.

The university also offers a variety of clubs and groups for students to pursue their many interests. These clubs and organizations include sports clubs, cultural groups, and academic clubs.

All Nations University has something to offer all students. Whether they are Ghanaian students hoping to stay close to home or overseas students looking for a life-changing educational experience. So why not explore this exciting opportunity today?


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