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Buffalo Zoo Admissions: All You Need to Know About the Zoo


Have you ever heard of the Buffalo Zoo Admissions? Buffalo Zoo is the third oldest zoo in the United States giving guests a piece of history upon each visit. Read through this article to find out more interesting things about the Zoo.

Buffalo Zoo Admissions


About the Zoo

The Buffalo Zoo is the seventh-oldest zoo in the country and is at 300 Parkside Ave in Buffalo, New York. It was first established in 1875.


The Buffalo Zoo, which receives about 400,000 people annually, is Western New York’s second-largest tourist destination, after only Niagara Falls.

The zoo, which is housed on 23.5 acres (9.5 hectares) of Buffalo’s Delaware Park, features a varied assortment of wild and exotic animals and over 320 unique plant species. The zoo is accessible all year long.

Buffalo Zoo Admissions Admission Ticket

  • Costing $10.50 is a regular admission ticket;
  • They admit children under the age of 2 free, while children between the ages of 2 and 14 are charged $7.50.
  • Senior citizens and full-time students pay $8.50.

Opening Hours for Buffalo Zoo Admissions

  • Except for Christmas Day and Thanksgiving, the zoo is open every day.
  • The zoo is open daily from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from July through August;
  • The zoo shuts at 4 p.m. the rest of the year.

Different Species of Animals in Buffalo Zoo Admissions

They include:

1. Mammals


2. Birds

3. Reptiles

4. Amphibians


5. Fish

6. Invertebrates

How to Locate Buffalo Zoo

It is located north of the city center, close to Forest Lawn and the Darwin D. Martin House.

To Purchase ticket, Click on Buffalo Zoo Admissions

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Do You Have to Pay for Parking at the Buffalo Zoo?

There is a charge for parking. Hourly charges are: $5.00 for the first two hours, $2 per hour thereafter, with a cap of $10. Learn Before You Travel!

How Long Does it Take to Walk Through the Buffalo Zoo?

How much time you spend in each habitat actually matters. Normally, it takes between 2.5 and 3 hours to stroll through.

That considers the time used to pause and observe for brief periods of time when walking at a normal pace.

Can You Bring Food or Drinks Into the Buffalo Zoo?

You can, indeed! I always bring a small cooler when we travel. Midway through, we stop and eat. We occasionally treat ourselves to ice cream there.

Why are there no Elephants at the Buffalo Zoo?

The Buffalo Zoo claims they moved them for two reasons: first, the elephants are older, and second, the zoo has the resources to care for aged elephants.

The decision was mostly driven by “our affection for these animals,” according to Jonathan Dandes, chairperson of the zoo’s board of directors.

How Many Animals are at the Buffalo Zoo?

They are 1,200 in number.

What is the Oldest Zoo in the United States?

America’s first zoo, Philadelphia Zoo, is recognized for its innovative animal care and unflinching dedication to nature.

Philadelphia Zoo, a zoo of firsts, has been a pioneer ever since its grand entrance was first opened on July 1, 1874.

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Are there Pandas at the Buffalo Zoo?

The red panda is the original panda, having been sighted 48 years prior to the giant panda in 1821.

Does Buffalo Zoo Have Gorillas?

Yes, it has Gorillas.

Does Buffalo Zoo Have a Military Discount?

The cost of admission to the Zoo for US military personnel and their party of up to six people is $5.

To enjoy the discount, they must show a military ID at the entrance gates. The Buffalo Zoo appreciates your help.

Buffalo Zoo is really an interesting place to visit. Bring the whole family to enjoy a day at the Buffalo Zoo.

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