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Holistic Admissions: All You Need to Know About It


Have you been wondering what Holistic Admissions is all about? People in the admissions department typically refer to their admissions process as “holistic,” but what does this actually entail for applicants? This article will satisfy your curiosity on holistic admissions. Read Through!

Holistic Admissions

About Holistic Admissions

A holistic evaluation is a method of university admissions that considers a candidate’s individual experiences besides more conventional indicators of academic success like grades and test scores.

The emphasis on the full person, as opposed to simply certain parts that make up the whole person, is the term means what “holistic.”

If a college uses holistic admissions, its admissions staff considers the candidate rather than just empirical information like SAT or GPA results.

Colleges with a comprehensive admissions process strive for more than just academic excellence. Admissions officers are looking for talented individuals who will make substantial contributions to the college community.

A student with a 3.8 GPA might not be accepted under a holistic admissions process, but a prize-winning trumpet musician with a 3.0 GPA might.

They may give a student with a strong essay precedence over one with a weak essay despite having better ACT scores.

Holistic admissions include a student’s personality, specific skills, hobbies, and interests.

The admissions staff of the University of Maine provides one excellent description of their holistic policy at Farmington:

  • We’re much more interested in who you are as a person and what you can contribute to our campus community than we are in how well you performed on a stressful, important test.
  • We consider your academic success in high school, extracurricular involvement, employment and life experiences, volunteer work in the community, as well as your artistic and creative abilities. All the distinctive qualities that make you… you.

Things That are Considered in Holistic Admissions

Most of us would concur that treating someone like a person rather than a number is preferable. Of course, the difficulty is in explaining to a college what makes you…you.

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All the following are most likely important for a college that uses a holistic admissions process:

1. A stellar academic record with difficult coursework: Your academic history should show that you are the learner who rises to the occasion rather than shrinks from a task.

Your GPA just provides a portion of the story. When you had the chance, did you take advantage of the AP, IB, Honors, and/or dual enrollment courses?


2. A strong admissions essay: Ensure that your essay shows your individuality, intellectual prowess, and writing abilities.

If you are required to submit more essays, be sure to carefully personalize them for the institution and avoid using generic language.

3. Letters of recommendation that shine: What do your instructors and role models think of you? What do they think makes you unique to them?

A teacher can frequently convey your potential in a way that is helpful to universities that are thinking about admitting you.

4. Legacy status might also play a part in the admissions process: You obviously have no control over whether your parents or a sibling attended a school to which you are enrolling.

5. Interesting after-school activities: It’s more important that you have a passion for anything outside of the classroom than it is what you do.

A deeper level of interest and leadership in an extracurricular activity will stand out more than sporadic participation in a variety of activities.

6. Shown interest: Universities seek to admit students who will accept the offer of admission, albeit not all schools take this into account.

Visits to the campuses, early application, and properly written extra essays can all contribute to exhibited interest.

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7. A successful interview for college: Even if an interview is optional, try to go. One of the finest methods for the college to get to know you is through the interview.

A few comprehensive measures are also absent from your control. Most institutions strive to attract a student body whose diversity will enhance the campus environment.

The term “diversity” is used here to refer to a wide range of factors, including socioeconomic status, race, religion, gender identity, nationality, and geographic location.

To diversity its student body, a Northeastern college might, for instance, choose to accept a student from Wyoming or Hawaii over one from Massachusetts who is similarly qualified.

Keep in mind that colleges will only admit pupils they believe will thrive academically, even with holistic admissions.

At almost every college, your college preparation course grades will be the most crucial component of your application.

Essays and extracurricular activities cannot make up for a lackluster academic record that does not show your readiness for college-level work.

The SAT and ACT are normally somewhat less crucial than your academic record, but it will still be challenging to get into the best universities in the nation if your scores are much below average.

What Does Holistic Process Mean?

Holistic processing is a perceptual technique for putting disparate pieces of information together;

it is highly automated since members of a certain object category have been exposed to it frequently (Wong and Gauthier, 2010; Richler et al., 2012).

What is a Holistic Admissions Process considers Apex?

A student’s vision, ambition, desire to make a difference, talents, and leadership are among the qualities that holistic admissions considers.

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Does Mit Have Holistic Admissions?

Although MIT has a comprehensive admissions procedure, it’s crucial to keep in mind that your grades and test results play an important role in it.

You need to have a GPA and SAT scores that are excellent enough even if the institution does not have a minimum GPA requirement, as shown by the high SAT and ACT scores of MIT’s admitted students.

How Do You Hope to Gain Because of Holistic Admissions?

Holistic college admissions make the mechanism for assessing prospective students more egalitarian.

A holistic approach covers several characteristics that may not be captured in a regular admissions procedure rather than focusing primarily on traditional academic indicators (such as GPA and test scores).

What is an Example of Holistic Learning?

A holistic educator could direct a kid to various learning activities that include construction, such as using blocks, making sandcastles, or reading books about builders, if the child exhibits enthusiasm for building things.

When Did Holistic Admissions Start?

The approach is “highly customized, holistic evaluation of each applicant’s file, giving substantial attention to all the ways an applicant might contribute to a diverse educational environment,” according to the U.S. Supreme Court’s official description in 2003. (Grutter v. Bollinger, 539 U.S. 306, 2003).

Regardless of how you feel about it, holistic admissions impacts college admissions.

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