University of Professional Studies: 2023 Admission Guide

The University of Professional Studies (UPSA) is a great institution of higher learning in Ghana, majorly focusing on growth and the expansion of the next generation of great leaders in business and professionals in other disciplines. This post will however guide you through the 2023 admission process, the different programs that are available at UPSA, the admission requirements, and the application process shall be explored.

University of Professional Studies: 2023 Admission Guide

University of Professional Studies

The University of Professional Studies (UPSA) is admitting students to a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs.

However, with the aim of preparing students for great careers in business and other professional fields.

The admission requirements however vary depending on the program.

Hence, the application process can be done online, and UPSA offers scholarships and financial aid options to eligible students.

Programs Available for Admission at UPSA

There are a number of undergraduate and graduate programs available at UPSA for admission in 2023, these programs’ main focus is to train students for successful careers in various fields.

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The undergraduate programs that are however available are accounting, marketing, human resource management, and banking and finance.

Hence, public relations management, and information technology management are also available at UPSA.

Hence, the University of Professional Studies also offers admission to various Masters’s and Ph.D. programs.

UPSA Admission Requirements

The admission requirements for UPSA vary depending on the program that you are applying for.

Undergraduate Programs

1. You must have at least six credits at the WASSCE/SSSCE level, including English language, mathematics, and three other relevant subjects.

2. However, you also must pass the UPSA entrance examination and go through the interview process.

Graduate Programs

1. You must have a first or second-class honors degree in a relevant field from a recognized institution.

2. Hence, you must also pass the UPSA entrance examination and interview.

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How to Apply for UPSA Admission

The application process for UPSA is very simple and can be completed online too.

1. To start your admission application, create your account with UPSA, first when you visit the website of the school.

2. You have to complete the application form and upload all your documents, including your certificate, academic transcripts, etc.

3. However, you be asked to pay a token as an application fee, hence, it can be done online using a debit and credit card.

Scholarships and Financial Aid

One fascinating thing about UPSA is scholarships and financial aid options available to help students who may not be able to pay the cost of education in the school.

However, these options for scholarships and financial aid are available to both undergraduate and graduate students also and are given on a merit base and financial need.

Furthermore, the Vice Chancellor’s Scholarship, the President’s Scholarship, and the Dean’s Scholarship are some of the scholarships that are available at UPSA.

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It is pertinent to know about the deadline before application;

1. WASSCE  Applicants (to be announced soon)

2. Mature Applicants: Friday, 30th June 2023

3. Post First Degree LLB Applicants: Friday, 5th  May 2023

4. 4-Year LLB Applicants (to be announced soon),

5. Masters Regular and Distance Learning: Friday, 18th August 2023

6. Ph.D. : Friday, 12th May 2023

7. Undergraduate (Top-up) and All Other Applicants (to be announced soon).

Finally, the application procedure can be finished online, and the admission standards are simple.

However, UPSA offers students a fantastic opportunity to achieve their academic and professional goals.

And by offering a variety of undergraduate and graduate programs, as well as scholarships and financial aid alternatives.

 Hence, this post presented a well and organized guide for you to follow.

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